Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lego Land

When I woke up to my screaming baby at 6:20am this morning, I scurried downstairs (after I waited 30 seconds to make sure no one else was going to get her) in an attempt to not wake up Isabelle. It was a success, until Isabelle came up from the basement were she was spending time working out with Grandma & Grandpa...oh, I see, you're already awake. Lovely. Beginning of what could be a very long day.
So in an effort to keep crabby kiddos happy, I reached out to 3 different moms, but everyone had something else going on. So in the middle of second breakfast at 9:15am, I decided today was the day. LEGO LAND. Perfect timing only 4 days before Isabelle's 3rd birthday. This was going to save me $16 to check it out and see if it was a worthy activity. Well, was I ever impressed? We probably could have spent the whole day there, but we would have had a few breakdowns. It was fantastic!
So much to do: two rides (but we only rode one due to size issues), we watched a 3D movie, played in numerous Lego play pits, built with giant Legos & miniature Legos, played in a jungle gym, and so much more. Lego Land was tons of fun for both my girls and even for kids who are older. I highly recommend it to parents. Adelaide and Isabelle both loved it and I cannot wait to take them back. Maybe an annual pass....huh?!?!! I need to check out the Sea Life too. I’m hoping to see if the double pass is worth it!?!?!? Oh goodness. I love that Kansas City has so many fun activities that a mere 15 minutes or less from my home. Woo HOOO! Here are a few photos from our adventure! Love to all!
Love, KI&A

Saving the Lego Princess

Sweet Adelaide

Pushing Buttons

Pumpkin Inspired Legos

Racing Cars

Eating Lunch

{Now if only Adelaide didn't have to poop in the middle of her nap, we'd get two babies to sleep longer than 30 minutes. Let round 2 begin. Wish us luck! }

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Melissa Jeras said...

1. That looks so fun, I wish we could be there to join you.
2. The girls look so stinkin' funny in their 3D glasses.
3. I love how you still have 2nd breakfast.
4. Miss you!!