Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Expecting....

...OUR SECOND BUNDLE OF JOY!!! Carnahan Baby #2 is due October 19th, 2011!!!

We're pregnant! We are so excited and cannot wait to meet this next little one! Yet again, Kathryn was a very lucky pregnant morning sickness! We'll see how the pregnancy progresses, but all is well for now. We're thinking that the nerve that bothered me toward the end of Isabelle's pregnancy will be worst this time around. We'll see.
We have decided to be surprised about what we're having again. I enjoyed it last time and then I'll have a little fun shopping to do once the little one arrives. Our 20 Week Ultrasound is next week! I cannot wait to see how the baby is doing! I'm focusing on not gaining 45 pounds this time around and the flu Isabelle & I shared last week seems to be helping me out. Crossing my fingers...anything less would be a success in my book, but I'm hoping to keep it to 35 pounds or less.
I'm also working on not carrying Isabelle as often (all 28 pounds of her) and potty training!!! Potty training an 18 month old is more like a potty training of both Isabelle and Mommy. She is doing really well and lets me know she has to potty about half the time, but I don't trust her enough to always remember so I remind her the other half of the time. So far, she loves the treats and lovey hugs for her success. We have been working on it for the last month and we're down to about 1 accident a day. Luckily all the accidents have been on tile/wood floor/outside. I'll keep you updated, but I realize starting so early makes it take a bit longer. The cutest part is her Hello Kitty panties and her little bottom in pants and shorts. So CUTE!
We'll keep you up to date! Love, AK&I

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Happy Happy Mother's Day me!

I had a wonderful day thanks to my dear friend Sally, my wonderful daughter and my loving husband!!!
Brunch, Pool time, a lovely dinner at Cantina Loredo & shopping for ME!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Sally! What a wonderful BRUNCH!!! Love this tradition and it really helps Andrew out! ;o)

Congrats to my good friend Laura, HAPPY 1st Mother's DAY!!!

Time with Daddy!

SO Silly!!!


The most presious gift I've ever received!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


A few things I've done this April....
(whoops...forgot to post this a while back...enjoy)

Had Niko Over (what a goof ball)

Played in the Sprinkler

Played on my new tricycle

Went to breakfast with Mommy and some of her Besties...

Met my 2nd Cousins (Grace, Isabelle, Madeline & Jack - Uncle George's Kiddos)

All of Us!

Did a second Easter Egg Hunt with my Playgroup Buddies...

...then had Popsicles!!!

Went Swimming at Niko's Pool

Brrrr....still cold!

The ASU Spring Game, GO DEVILS!!!

A Fun Filled Easter Day!!!

We seriously had the most perfect Easter. It started with a fun little Easter Egg hunt that Isabelle caught on to right away. She loved loved loved it and I didn't even fill the eggs being worried that all she would be focused on was getting whatever was in the eggs out of the eggs instead fo finding eggs. Anyways, we then venturing to our beautiful outdoor Mass at church, following it up with a nap and then headed to Abuelos! We have now had lunch there for the past two Easter...will this be the new tradition?!?! We followed up a lovely lunch at our friends Sally & Vince's new home. It was so much fun to watch Andrew play with Isabelle in the water, then I had a lovely afternoon of relaxation as Vince's girls played with Isabelle nonstop. They are rockstars! are a few photos from the day! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Day!!! Love, A,K & I

The Easter Egg Hunt


Isabelly & Daddy

Happy Easter 2011!!

Swimming with Daddy!


The Differance a Year Makes....

2010 vs. 2011