Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White Christmas!

We broke down and bought tickets to Kansas City for Christmas and could not have been happier. Their was an amazing snow storm on Christmas Eve and Isabelle Jane got to meet everyone!!! We have our Four Generation Photos and are so happy to have shared her with the family. It was so much fun enjoying her getting held by everyone!
Isabelle Rolled Over, Talked her head off, Stood up with help and is Holding her head up!!! SO ADVANCED...no, but we're enjoying every moment! Love you all and thank you for the wonderful trip! Love, A,K&I
Some Pictures from our trip....

All Smiles

More Smiles...

And MORE....

Where she get's her smile!!

Where she get's her cute dimple!!!


Four Generations...

Four Generations again....


more family...


got to get everyone in....


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Little Present

So about a week ago, we broke down and bought plane tickets to Kansas City! We could not stand spending the Holidays without sharing our little girl with family, so here we come!!! We get to meet the rest of the family for the Fowler/Carnahan Christmas in February!!! This little girl is popular!

A little present is on the way!

Growing Cheeks!

They're getting BIGGER!!! Isabelle's Cheeks that is! We love them!!!

Front View...

Side View

Morning Walks

Isabelle and I spend lots of time outside getting fresh air, exersize and rest for Isabelle. We love getting out of the house and I love dressing up my dolly!

Possibly my favorite picture ever! Love the smile!! Finally caught it on Camera...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Grandparents Love Me to PIECES!!!

Isabelle is by far this most exciting thing that has happened to us in quite some time and possibly the most exciting that has ever happened to us for her grandparents! Isabelle has been a popular commodity and no one could have gotten here faster to see her. In her first four weeks of life she has met all of her grandparents and 2 of her GREAT grandparents! My mother, Jane, was here for her birth, then Andrew's mother, Janette, came two days later to meet her. My dad, Kevin and Stepmother, Karen, were here at two weeks and Andrew's dad, Eric, and mom, Janette were here at 3 weeks! Lucky girl! Here are some of the photos from their visits!!!
She cannot wait to meet everyone, but she knows that she is dearly loved by all! We will make sure to introduce you to her shortly! Love you all!
Andrew, Kat & Isabelle

Nana Jane at the Hospital

Grandma & Grandpa Hennessy!

Nana Janette & Papa Eric

GREAT Grandpa & Grandma Garney!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Dolly Girl

Words Cannot describe how much we LOVE our little Baby Bella!

She's absolutely PERFECT!!!

What Isabelle's Been Up to....

Being Our Baby Bright Eyes
Isabelle's eyes are gray-blue right now, but I'm betting they'll be deep brown

Enjoying Her Budda Belly while she can...

Isabelle is actually awake for photos now!!!

Stealing Daddy's Nose

Getting Clean
Isabelle can only deal with really warm baths and only if she is in it....

Playing in Her Swing

Tummy Time

On ANOTHER NOTE, I've run our of ideas on what to do with Isabelle, so if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE feel free to share. I'm pretty sure this is about all we do for a little while, but for some reason I'm not sure I could do much more! We're loving her to death and getting to know one another very well! We cannot wait to share more of our dolly with everyone! Love you all, A,K&I

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 Week Old

Our beautiful little girl who likes to remain asleep for all photos turned 1 week old! She is absolutely perfect and is beginning to fit into our lives. She has her daddy's dimple and is so much fun to watch!

Our Young Family!!!

Nana Jane who was able to be with us for Isabelle's delivery and first week & a half! Love you mom! Thank you!
Love, A,K&I

Isabelle Jane Carnahan

Andrew and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl on November 4th, 2009! The day before my own birthday (smart girl)...and we couldn't have been happier! My labor was fairly short and we had to get it started off with a little help, but Isabelle came quickly afterward. Our Baby Bella weighted 7lbs 13oz and measured 20 inches long. She has very long feet and fingers with a full head of dark brown hair?!?! She is a wonderful baby and we feel so blessed to have her in our life! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you updated! Love, Andrew, Kat & Isabelle

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Due Date: Come & Gone with No Baby

The Family
November 1st, 2009: No Baby, but lots of anticipation for a beautiful baby over the next few days. We get more and more excited everyday and hope to hold our baby soon. We've been keeping busy eating spicy foods and walking. What else can we do?
We look forward to sharing our fun news soon. Thank you all for you're love and support!
Love, Andrew, Kat, Baby & Nana Jane

Nana, Daughter & Baby

Sunday, October 25, 2009

39 Weeks

Okay, so seriously this is no longer funny...I would like to be unpregnant please! Thank you! Some days are better than others I'd like to report, but mostly I feel like there is no more space for the baby to continue his/her activities. I'll keep you all updated, but I'm pretty sure I have at least a week to go. Dang! Love you all, Kat & Andrew (he is putting up with all my whining)

Check it out, I'm giving birth to a bowling ball!!

Busy Little Bee

So I am constantly asked what I do to keep busy...so here it goes. I like to play Martha Stuart from time to time as well as an exhausted pregnant wife. When I am not completely worn out for no particular reason, I work on one of the many projects I invent for myself. Here are a few pictures of my endeavors. Feel free to make fun, but I like doing this kind of thing. Besides, everyone talks about this "nesting" phase of pregnancy. I'd like to report the only behavior I have developed is "resting"...so instead of cleaning the house, I have projects...which is much more fun (cause then I'd be posting pictures of a clean home, BORING)! Enjoy, Kat


Maya Baby Carriers/Slings

Hard to Explain without using...

Colorful Washrags for Baby...


Enjoying Each Other...

Andrew and I have had a wonderful time being together for the past two months and we really would NOT change any of it! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home and are so pleased to be painting every single room as well as decorating (to some degree). We've spent time doing yard work, taking walks, playing with the dogs and going on dates. We have found a wonderful new church with amazing community involvement and had met all of our neighbors. Everyone is really wonderful and we are so excited about whatever the future has in store for us! We would love to thank you all for your love and support over the past months. We are so happy right now and are so excited to have a little one join the family. We have a crazy life, but we always enjoy one another! Love you all! Andrew & Kat

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ladies Night Out!!

Our first "Restaurant Week" here in Chandler....maybe not the cities first, but our first!!!
Summer, Erin, Jill, Lauren, Sally & Myself decided it was a nice time to head over to Flemmings Steakhouse in Chandler. We all had the 6 oz Steak, a fun salad & a dessert! It was a perfect night out together and a fun little treat!!! Great idea Erin!
Love you all and cannot wait to do it again!
Love, Kat

Arizona Baby Shower

First of All, SO MUCH FUN!!! It is really amazing how many wonderful friends I have and what they will do for me! A special thank you to Sally for having a beautiful Baby Shower for me and also to Laura & Erin for organizing, helping out and getting everything ready! You are all amazing and it means so much to me that you all wanted to have a shower for our baby!!!
Andrew and I are getting more excited everyday and cannot wait to meet our little surprise baby!!! All of the wonderful gifts were a great addition to our nursery and the needs of our baby. It is absolutely amazing what you need to have for a child to enter your life. We cannot wait to share our child with everyone! Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers & gifts! It is such an exciting time for us and we love sharing it with all of you!
Love, Andrew, Kat & Baby

Laura & Me

Jill, Erin & Me

Have to have the ASU Apparel!

Some Fitting Bibs....