Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As some of you may have know, we spent our July visiting Chandler, Arizona. We had a blast in the summer heat...averaged around 110 degrees. But all was well getting to hang out with friends, working out and looking for the future Carnahan home!
Our plan was to find a home for our family to live in during the off-season and in the future. After making nearly 6 offers, we found success at the very end of our trip. It was quite diffcult to work in a buyer's market where all the homes for sale are owned by the Banks and there are quite a few buyers. The banks never reply as quickly to your offer as you'd like and with the limited time we had, it made our trip a little stressful. Although we found the perfect home in Gilbert, Arizona, nothing is final until closing, so on September 3rd, we'll let you all know!!
Besides searching for a home, we spent time with friends! A special thank you to Thad, Lauren & Erin for allowing us to stay with them!!! It was a lot of fun for us and the puppies!!!! We cannot wait to have you all come stay with us in the future!
Love, A,K,B,O&C
PS I have limited photos...Andrew has the rest of them with him in Albany.
Here are a few photos of our time in Arizona....

We have sat through some Baseball

Kari & Courtney

The Puppies are enjoying the weather...

The Girlies at Kona

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our First Anniversary!

July 12, 2009 - Andrew and I celebrated a wonderful First Anniversary together in Phoenix. Although, sticky warm outside, Andrew went for a little golf early on the Sunday of our Anniversary while I slept in and prepared for the day. We had a lovely brunch at the Hotel next to Thad & Lauren's home with Thad and then returned home for some rest. We spent time at the pool and just being together, but early dinner plans awaited us.
Andrew had something planned at 7pm, so I was in charge of dinner. At 5pm, we had a nice intimate dinner at Cafe Boa on Mill Avenue. We exchanged gifts and Andrew kicked my butt this year. Although, we did set a little spending limit, as any good husband should do, Andrew went above and beyond. I presented Andrew with his "Paper Anniversary Gift" of a magazine subscription and a sudoku book while he gave me two tickets to the Broadway show WICKED!!! It was showing this month at ASUs Gammage Theatre and it was our evening activity!!! What a wonderful husband!!!
After dinner, I did have a small surprise of an "petite ice cream cake" from Cold Stone to take the place of our Cake Topper from our wedding that is safe and sound in my mother's freezer and a bottle of the champagne served at our wedding! YES, I HAD CHAMPAGNE out of a plastic cup never-the-less. It was so much fun!

We headed off the the 7:30pm show of Wicked and had a wonderful time!!! Our first Anniversary was amazing thanks to Andrew!! What a wonderful husband I have. It is amazing how that first year has flown by, but we really have done quite a bit!
Love and hugs to all our family for your support and love!!! We'll both be heading off from Phoenix in two weeks. Andrew will be headed for Albany while I'll be on my way to Kansas City, but we're ready for what this year has to offer in our marriage and the little blessing we have on the way!
Love, A&K

Thursday, July 2, 2009


As many of you may have known we've been traveling quite a bit! First New Jersey & New York with a straight drive through the night back to Kansas City. Yes, we drove 20 hours straight. We are very goal oriented people, if you may not have already guessed.
We stayed in Kansas City for 4 days and had a busy weekend. We had dinners with my parents and finally saw "Twilight"! Although I fully over analyzed and had to re-watch it just to make myself feel better, it was a lot of fun having time to spend with my parents! We also got to celebrate a laid back fathers day for Andrew, my dad & my grandpa!! Busy father's day, but lots of fun. Breakfast at the Corner Cafe for my dad, Lunch & a movie for Grandpa and a relaxing evening with Andrew to prepare for parenthood.... Finally, prior to leaving, WE GOT TO MEET OUR SWEET LITTLE BABY!!! 21 Weeks old and counting...a mover and a wiggler, baby gave away nothing, but had perfect spine, stomach, heart, kidneys, feet and hands!!! We have multiple pictures and the doctor told us the baby was nearly a pound and 11 inches!!! WOW! We think we heard her correctly!!!!
So following our exciting news and time together with baby, we took a trip down to Hereford!!! Andrew and Eric spent some quality time together building a pool and playing with the dogs. Lots of fun family time together!!! We got to see lots of family and attend a beautiful wedding. The bride and groom actually left in a helicopter!! Seriously, how do you one up that one? We had a great time and I know everyone is excited to see me come back through in a month or so when we're done visiting Phoenix!! :o)
Leading me to our final destination: PHOENIX!!!! We'll keep you updated on our status here, but let us know if you're around! We'll be here the whole month!!!
Love you all, A,K,O&C

Charlotte Elizabeth Zavoral

Born May 11th, 2009 at 2pm
to the Proud Parents
Tom & Ellie Zavoral!!!

Congratulations!!! She is absolutely beautiful, a genuine cuddle bug and a wonderful eater!!! Cannot wait to see her again!!!