Wednesday, October 29, 2008


While sitting with the other wives in the Jaguar's quarterback's wives suite on Sunday afternoon during the game, I received a call from Andrew to meet me outside of my suite. Conveniently he was sitting in the suite next to me and had some "good" and "bad" news for me. I requested the bad news first ready for anything....however, Andrew had no bad news, he had good news, WE WERE MOVING TO KANSAS CITY!!! The Chiefs had called to activate him!!!
I was ecstatic, crying and just all around excited!! However, we still had a second half of the game to finish and man was that the longest half EVER! Over the next two days, Andrew was torn between the Jaguars and the Chiefs making the exact same offer. We had to make a decision and after a number of phone calls, tears and pros & cons lists, we decided to move to Kansas City!!!
I am so excited to come home and see the opportunities that arise on this new team. A new team will only grow Andrew and we are so excited to be near family!!
Hope you were all as pleased and excited as we were!!! I will see some of you very shortly! Eric & Janette, I will see you on Saturday and Mom, Dad, Karen, Nick, Grandma, Grandpa, Lynda, Lisa, and Annie on Monday or Tuesday!!! Everyone else, we'll see you sooner than later! Love you all, A,K,O&C

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Carnahan Family

Good morning, good evening & good night! We've decided the best way to keep everyone updated was the start a fun little family blog where we can share photos, stories, vacations, puppies, football and our all around lives!!! We hope you enjoy this and we hope to hear from all of you!!!
Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Oscar & Copper