Sunday, December 2, 2012

Drywall Installed

...however, it still has to be taped.... Things are moving along! Looking forward to Christmas in our new home!!!
Love, AKI&A

Living Room

Dining Room


Downstairs Bathroom

Santa Claus

Following church today, Isabelle & Adelaide got the chance to meet and talk to Santa Claus. Isabelle had a lovely time talking with Santa and telling him what she wanted. We really couldn't hear what she said, but I know she did ask for a Princess Dress. I'm not sure what else they conversed about, but the had a nice little conversation. Santa was very personable and was genuinely pleased with Isabelle. It was very nice. I almost felt as though we were breaking up a nice conversation when we brought Adelaide into picture....

That's a little bit more of what I'm used to. Merry Christmas!

Love, Isabelle & Adelaide

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Just this past week, Isabelle, Adelaide, Great Aunt Annie and I took a trip to Wonderscope. It was a blast! There were a million things to do and Isabelle had a pretty tough time deciding what to do. I felt like she had a little bit of an ADD problem. In the art room, she could not sit down and focus on any one project. It was just TOO hard to sit down and stop moving! Adelaide also enjoyed every room, but I think she greatly enjoyed the 2 and under room to get away from her big sister and sit in a calmer space as well.
Thank you Aunt Annie! We all had a lot of fun! We cannot wait to do it again!
Love, KI&A

The Ball Room

The Gardening, Grocery & Sorting Room

The Building Room

The Nursery & Vet Clinic

Two Happy Girls

Christmas Carol

Yes, yes, yes, i took isabelle to the Christmas Carol against my better judgement, but it turned out just fine. Honestly, i do not remember it being nearly as scary as it was. Ultimatly, she greatly enjoyed it and sat still. She did allow me to cover her eyes during the Ghost of Christmas Future. My mom, Isabelle and I had a blast with our Berrigan Family! Thank you so much to Pat & Justine for a wonderful evening! Isabelle loved the show and all of the personal attention. No nightmares to date and it's been over a week. Phew! I think we may hold off for a few more years now. Until then.....

Dinner Date at Brio

Loving the Christmas Spirit

Thank you again!
Love, Nana Jane, Kathryn & Isabelle

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Electric & Plumbing Work Completed

So, you've seen:

and now it's still nothing pretty, but this has to happen to get the end result...

Pot Lights

Kitchen Wall Removal

New Plumbing Downstairs

New Tub Downstairs

Improved Master Closet

Entry into Master/Upstairs Bathroom

Master/Upstairs Bath Opened Up

The New Gigantic Tub!

And Andrew's Handy Work....

Filling in Holes

and more Holes (there were 4, i think?!?!)

with new pretty Siding!

Okay, so now let's finish up the electrical, get some drywall up, the walls primed, the floors redone, doors & molding installed, cabinets installed, tile completed, paint and probably lots of little things I don't know about! Love you Andrew! We are going to have one beautiful home!
Love, AKI&A

Turkey Applique

I had so much fun doing this project and I wanted to share it....This CAN be a sewing project and I've honestly never tried it without sewing the edges, but I imagine you could be successful without sewing the edges. I would just wash the garmet inside out and fray check the edges of your fabric for super safe keeping. But let's be honest, most of the applique shirts we want are for holidays. They are worn once or twice, but are so much fun to have.

Crafting Blog Help Complements of:
Serving Pink Lemonade for her tutorial on how to use Wonder Under
Sew Like my Mom for her Applique Tutorial & Applique Curves Tutorial

What you'll need:
1. Shirt
2. Fabric Scraps
3. Simple Shirt Design (search images on google)
4. Wonder Under (Sold at Cutting Counter at JoAnns)
5. Buttons, Ribbon, Rick Rack, Thread, etc.

AND One Super Cute Helper!

LOVING THE RESULT!! And if you need inspiration, check out Etsy and MudPie for designs! This is such an easy project during Naptime (especially without the sewing)! Plus, maybe someone will enjoy helping and picking stuff out! Next on the list, an Ornament Applique!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Kat
PS - Model #2 is Out with the Flu this week. Sad. :(


So, demolition has been complete for about a week to two weeks. Sorry for the late checkup, but we've been a bit busy. Here is our House Prior to Demolition. I'd like to point out that all I do is take photos, give minor opinions and update you all. Andrew is doing ALL of the work on this future beautiful home of ours and he is doing an absolutely AMAZING JOB! We are so excited for the end result.
So here is October 27th, 2012:

Old Master Closet...Future Master Bath

Master Closet...Future Larger Closet

Upstairs be extended into Master Bedroom

Kitchen Demo

More Kitchen Demo

and More Kitchen Demo

Downstairs Bathroom

Pretty much what all the rooms look like.....

Then a meer 4 days later on October 31st, 2012:

Entry Demo

Living Room Demo

Dining Room Demo

Kitchen Demo Continue - dang, no hardwoods.....

Kitchen Demo

Downstairs Bathroom Demo Continues

Downstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom Demo Continues....

Upstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom looking INTO our Master Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom looking in FROM Master Bedroom

That about wraps it up! So since all of the demoltion, TONS of electrical work has taken place, a new HVAC Systems has been installed and we have re-plumbed all the cast iron drains and re-arranged the upstairs bathroom into a Master Bath...more photos on their way! I'll try to head over for more photos today or this Friday! Need to get photos before Drywall gets hung! Thank you everyone for all of your support and help!
Until then, I'll update you on our beautiful children!
Love, AKI&A