Friday, December 26, 2008


To Everyone!!!
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful gifts and blessings! We had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to an amazing New Year!!! We received everything we asked for and then some!! We are having a lot of fun sorting through all of it and getting back to work!
Thank you thank you!!! We love you all and hope you're christmas was as wonderful as ours!!!

Love, A,K,O&C

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

House Warming!!!

Grandpa, Grandma, Mama Jane, Julie, Lisa, Sarah, Lynda, Nick, Charlie, Cooper & Beau!!!
Thank you all so much for coming to our House Warming & Toast to Annie on Her Birthday Party!! We had a blast and we missed you Annie!!! It was wonderful to have you all over....Lisa, I have no idea how you made none of the photos!!! I'll make it up to you tonight at Christmas Eve Dinner!!! Love you all!!! Merry Christmas Eve!!!!
Love, A,K,O&C
Some Fun Photos!!!

Nick, Lynda, Julie & Mama Jane

Charlie & Cooper Love!!!

Beau Beau!!

Andrew, Mama Jane, Sarah & Grandpa!!!

I miss you Sarah!!! So Glad you were here!!!

Andrew, Beau, Lynda & Grandma!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping!!!

Hello Family & Friends!
We hope you've all received your Christmas Cards and if you haven't they are on the way!!! Ran out of envelopes.
Life has been a little hectic with Christmas on the way, but we are so excited to be surrounded by my family for the holiday and in February we will have an awesome celebration with Andrew's Family in Snowmass!!! All Christmas gifts have been purchased, so no last minute requests need to be sent our way. :o)
The weather has been slowly killing Oscar, our little maltipoo, but he has gotten used to the idea of wearing a sweater. For a while, he thought he was in trouble if he had to wear the sweater, but when we never took it off I think he might have gotten it. But seriously, he shivers. It's so sad! Copper, of course, loves the backyard and every part of the snow, but continues to need to work on his behavior. Maybe he'll grow out of it?!?!?!
Andrew and I are wonderful, we spent last weekend celebrating my Aunt Anne's Birthday in advanced as she is off to St. John's for the Holidays and last night we had our holiday celebration with the Chief's Offensive Line at Maker's Mark Downtown. We had a fun four course meal with our own private room. It was very fun, but I think all of the guys are ready to be done and leave the cold weather! Poor Andrew will have to put up with the weather, but I think he will find plenty of players to workout with in the off-season!
Besides all of that, we are look forward to a fun Christmas and the freezing cold 8 degree weather tomorrow at the game!!! Man oh MAN!!!! We love you all and hope everything is going well! Keep us updated!!!
Love, A,K,O&C

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attempt #1

First Christmas Card Attempt: Unsuccessful...squirrels are much more interesting than the importance of this card! Love, O&C

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Good morning family and friends!!! Hope you are as excited about stuffing your face as we are!!! So excited to spend our first holiday together as a married couple with my brother and mother!!! We feel so blessed and are so thankful for the life we have built together! We want to thank all of you for your love and support. We would not be who we are without our wonderfully supportive families and amazing friends! We love you all!! Happy Thanksgiving and GOOD LUCK OUT EATING THIS FAMILY! Love, K&A

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our HOME!!!

Hello friends & family! We have found our new home! We will not be moving until the week of Thanksgiving, but are very excited to have a home! Our new address is 2516 West 78th Street, Prairie Village, Kansas 66208!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rental House Shopping

We have spent the last week shopping for a home with a fenced in yard and WOW, houses in the parts of town we want to live in are OLD!!! But beautiful of course, but creeky floors, small bathrooms, low ceilings and door openings are a big deal in our family. If a floor creeks, it creeks more when we walk on it, if a bathroom is small, it is even smaller with are large bodies in it, and a if a ceiling or door opening is low, we actual have to DUCK! Darn our Viking or Swedish or German or Irish ancestry! Our poor children (totally unborn and not on the way still)....besides house shopping, life is pretty dull. I am limited to doing well, nothing, but errands and blogging. Andrew has practice and a game he is getting ready for! How exciting! This will be my first Chiefs game that I am attending with my HUSBAND ON THE TEAM! Craziness! Anyways, hope all is well with family and friends! Love you all bunches! Looking forward to the holidays! Love, K&A

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


While sitting with the other wives in the Jaguar's quarterback's wives suite on Sunday afternoon during the game, I received a call from Andrew to meet me outside of my suite. Conveniently he was sitting in the suite next to me and had some "good" and "bad" news for me. I requested the bad news first ready for anything....however, Andrew had no bad news, he had good news, WE WERE MOVING TO KANSAS CITY!!! The Chiefs had called to activate him!!!
I was ecstatic, crying and just all around excited!! However, we still had a second half of the game to finish and man was that the longest half EVER! Over the next two days, Andrew was torn between the Jaguars and the Chiefs making the exact same offer. We had to make a decision and after a number of phone calls, tears and pros & cons lists, we decided to move to Kansas City!!!
I am so excited to come home and see the opportunities that arise on this new team. A new team will only grow Andrew and we are so excited to be near family!!
Hope you were all as pleased and excited as we were!!! I will see some of you very shortly! Eric & Janette, I will see you on Saturday and Mom, Dad, Karen, Nick, Grandma, Grandpa, Lynda, Lisa, and Annie on Monday or Tuesday!!! Everyone else, we'll see you sooner than later! Love you all, A,K,O&C

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Carnahan Family

Good morning, good evening & good night! We've decided the best way to keep everyone updated was the start a fun little family blog where we can share photos, stories, vacations, puppies, football and our all around lives!!! We hope you enjoy this and we hope to hear from all of you!!!
Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Oscar & Copper