Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Beautiful Girls...

As a second child, you receive all the hand me downs, seconds & leftovers, but from time to time a parent recalculates things they wish they would have done with the first baby....Professional Photographs (or in our case, using a great friends talent). My girlfriend Mel and Isabelle's best buddy, Niko, came over to do a photo shoot of our beautiful Adelaide. We attempted to get Isabelle in a few of the photos, but 'treats' only go so far with a not yet 2 year old. Nana Jane & Mama were able get in on a few of the photos too, so we are very pleased to show off how ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL our little girls are!!!!

Thank you Melissa & Niko!!!!

Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Isabelle & Adelaide

Introducing Adelaide Janette

On October 14th, 2011, God blessed our family with a new beautiful baby girl! Everything went well and 7 pounds 11 ounces of new beauty came into our lives! We are now a proud, happy, loving family of four!!! We could not be more pleased (and surprised...we both thought it was a boy)!
Isabelle is adjusting and loves to check in on "Baby Sisser" constantly. She is definitely a little rough and a little jealous, but we're learning. Adelaide is fitting in as perfect second child and we cannot wait for what is to come. We all feel so very blessed to have another beautiful baby girl in our lives!!!

Love, Andrew & Kathryn

PS - Sadly most of our photographs were taken with our cell phones. Our poor second more to be added shortly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Festival Fun 2011

On Tuesday, our playgroup ventured to Vectuccio's Farm right here in Gilbert/Mesa. It was a fantastic day with a million things to do and Isabelle took full advantage. I'm pretty sure she could have done this solo, but it was a "nice to have" an adult to pick her up and put her in some of the activities.
Isabelle lead the show and I trailed behind....literally, we walked in and she ran off through the crowd. A little concerning, but I am very happy she is so independent. First Isabelle rode the train around the whole park with quite a bit of poise for a 1 year old, then the bounce house, then we knocked over some fake birds with bean bags, checked out ducks, goats, cows, pigs & chickens, then another more frightening trampoline that Isabelle only gave a few moments, then a hay maze and finally we looked at the corn maze but decided it was a no go.....phew, we did everything and 2 hours later Isabelle cried when I told her I had to leave. I was exhausted. Yes, she had a full on fit, but it was worth it.
We really enjoy fall here and it is so much fun to have all kinds of outdoor activities to participate in because of the nice weather. What to do next to waste time before baby arrives?!?!?!
Thank you again for a fantastic day Isabelle, it was a blast!!!
Love, Mommy

Very Serious before the ride began....all business

OH MY GOSH, THAT WAS AWESOME...upon return from the ride

The Hay Maze successfully completed in and out all by herself


Oh, mommy came...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcoming Baby Stachura

This past Saturday, we celebrating our good friend, Erin & Paul Stachura's, new baby who will be coming into the world this December! Sally, Laura & I wanted to do something special for our dear friend Erin during this amazing part of her life. We had a lovely day of conversation, drinks, treats, games, fun & presents. Erin makes a beautifully glowing pregnant woman and we are all so excited to see her as a mother.
We decorated oneies & guessed Baby Stachura's gender, birth date & time, weight & height. Everyone drank Mimosas, ate yummy burritos, muffins, fruit salad & cupcakes. We all gave advice and asked about how Erin was doing and feeling. All in all, it was the perfect day of catching up and enjoying company. We miss Erin so much and cannot wait to meet Baby Stachura. Erin & Paul will make wonderful parents and we are so excited for the life they have ahead of them!
Congratulations to you both & we love you dearly! Come back as soon as possible and bring that baby!!!!
Love & GOOD LUCK, Kat, Laura & Sally

Summer, Mel, Jill, Laura & Lynne

Sisters, Erin & Kristin

Roomies & Besties

Laura & Erin

Sal & Erin

The pregnant Ladies

Guesses on Baby Stachura!!!