Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in Kansas....

Life has been pretty low key for all of us for the past month, but I always love to give updates anyways!!! Maybe because I don't have much else going on these days....couldn't be!
Anyways, everyone is more than happy and more than excited about what is ahead for us (whatever it will be)! I have been working quite a bit at Coach and with my new little dog sitting business. Coach work is awesome and I have a great time making sales goals and hanging out with my girlfriends from work. They're so much fun. Dog sitting has been a blast, because the weather has been amazing and will hopefully only get better, besides the fact that it is supposed to snow on Saturday!??! Besides work, I've been working on some hope improvement projects and have created my first set of pillow cases and curtians. I'm pretty impressed with myself! I'm trying to work more on sewing projects, so please let me know if you have any fun simple ideas for practice. I'm always looking for ideas...
Andrew has been keeping busy working out, beginning volutary practices, playing chuck-it with Copper and wood workings....(golf season is just beginning however). He is really enjoying time at home, but is ready for things to get started with the Chiefs! Andrew's biggests news came last week when we purchased him a new car!!!! The biggest SUV you'll ever see, a Nissan Armada! Very exciting and will be great to have for road trips. He loves it and that's all that matters! He deserves it!
The puppies have been great and are loving lounging around the house and playing in the backyard. Copper with his athletic light weight frame has learning to jump our back fence, but has no problem coming back when he is called. I guess that is the plus side, I just feel sorry for the neighbors yard he is jumping into.
So all in all, life is good and we're ready for whatever is next!!! We love you all and hope all is well with our friends and family. You are always in our prayers! Love, A,K,O&C

Monday, March 16, 2009


Spring time is officially here and we are loving it! We take walks all the time and I simply love sitting outside to read! Amazing sunshine!!! I am so excited for the warm weather and grilling outside. Love it, love it, love it! I am so thankful for seasons!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


To all my girlfriends! This was a trip for Kathryn! It was amazing and I was so excited to venture back to New York after not visiting for nearly 3 years!! So fun to see everyone happy and in love. Amazing how we have all planned it so well!!
Everyone looks amazing and everyone seems to be excelling at their amazing careers. I am so proud to be friends with such amazingly beautiful fantastic ladies! I love you all!
It was especially fun to be in town for restaurant week and OUR VERY FIRST BABY SHOWER!!! Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Zavoral!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your bundle of love come May!
Anyways, words cannot describe how much fun it was to see all my High School Bestest (minus a few of course)! Thank you all for an amazing time and I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Love, Kat

All friends since 9th grade (if not earlier!)

Baby Shower!!!

Wow, Chris!


Hello yet again! So we do realize that it is getting a bit ridiculous how much we travel, but seriously we cram it in to this small window of time and won't be traveling again till June (and it will probably just be Kat who travels then)! So anyways, we returned from our amazing warm weather trips that included a week in Phoenix and a week in Hawaii to Kansas City on a lovely 60 degree afternoon (lovely, we missed all the good weather).
Following seeing our puppies and not being able to spend another week a part from them, we picked up our rental SUV and our puppies! We had to! We packed the car and were asleep by 9pm or Andrew was at least. We awoke at 3AM!!! SERIOUSLY, but we wanted to get through the Vail pass at daylight....and we were on the road by 3:30am and I was out by 4am to only be awoken for a slight scare with racing winds & a rain storm and breakfast and McDonald's at 8am. America's Breakfast!
We listened to books, slept and made it across Kansas in record time (no speeding involved) to pick up Andrew's brother Jason at the airport in Denver. All 3 cars arrived in Snowmass within 30 minutes and included: Janette, Eric, Martin, Jessica, Jason, Andrew, Myself, Marty, Mitchell & Jessalyn!!! Daniel would arrive the following evening after his classes.
We were all so excited and the weather was beautiful. We played in the backyard, laid around in the hot tub, caught up on gossip, taught everyone Cribbage, went skiing (Jason, Daniel & I) and ate everything in sight (as well as drank everything in sight...margaritas anyone?)!
We all had so much fun a lovely Christmas together!!! We can be happy in the cold long as there is sunshine!!! Thank you to everyone for making the long trip and a very special thank you to my grandparents for letting us use their Cabin! IT WAS MUCH APPRECIATED!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Love, A,K,O&C

Copper officially loves snow more than anyone I have ever meet....

Oscar is a close second....