Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kansas City 2011

During summertime in Arizona all you can think about is getting away. Away from the heat, the brown, sitting inside and the heat, so I try to plan the majority of our travels in the summertime...AND SO IT BEGINS!
The ENTIRE month of May was spent in a rather dreary Kansas City. Isabelle and I were ill prepared for the 50/60 degree temperatures. I'm not sure Isabelle has enough "fall" clothes for that kind of weather, but as her Arizona Mother I don't really prepare for such things. It's almost as if whenever we pack to leave Arizona, we imagine, "Yes it will be cooler where we are going, but we can still wear these things"....??? I've done this numerous times. Anyways, ill prepared, then we both became ill. We spent nearly half the trip suffering from some form of the flu. Luckily, Isabelle & I were not sick on the same days, but half of our trip was dedicated to sitting on the couch and getting better....
SO on a lighter note....we did get to celebrate my youngest step-sister's Graduation from University of Arkansas, take walks to the park, take walks to the coffee shop, GET POTTY TRAINED (lots of time to focus on this) and Celebrate Grandma Garney or GG Patty's 70th Birthday!!! We had a wonderful time getting to play with new people and soaking up cool weather.
Loved getting to see the WHOLE FAMILY and loved watching Isabelle get mounds and mounds of attention....or Isabelle Loved it. ;o) A few photos from the month....


The Grad Herself....

....they gave her about 18 different Awards/Nerdisms/Recognitions

Annie & Her Proud Mommy


My Brother & I

Annie & Isabelle

On our U of Arkansas Tour

Graduation Breakfast

Isabelle Out and About

Visiting Downtown with Great Aunt Anne

....it was just Isabelle & Mommy, but thanks to Grandpa/GG Charlie.....

DADDY MADE IT!!! Thank you GG Charlie!!!!

Nana Jane's BBQ

Nick, Isabelle & Nana

Isabelle with her Nana & Parents

Our Little Family!


Great Aunt Sarah & Nana with Isabelle

BBQ with Grandma & Grandpa!!!
So much fun!!!!

Grandma Garney/GG Patty/Mom/Patty's 70th BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!!!!

Our Little Family

Isabelle & Mommy

Julie & Beau Beau

Chris, Julie, Charlie, Cooper & Beau

Momma, Sarah & Anne

Nick & Charlie

Cooper & Isabelle playing


We LOVE YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I wish I had more pictures of you on your special night, but you were so popular!! :o)

Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Isabelle & Baby #2