Friday, September 27, 2013

Family Photos

In the beginning of August, we had a family photo opportunity with the Hennessy family. We are very please with the results! Happy Friday!
Love, AKI&A

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Isabelle Jane's First Day of Preschool

Isabelle Jane started preschool today! She is attending St. Ann's Young Childhood Center. Her teacher's are Miss Mary and Miss Carol. We are thrilled to be able to send Isabelle to our parish preschool that is less than 5 minute walk away from our home (when there is no construction). Isabelle is thrilled as well. She has been excited all summer and has been ready for preschool for about 6 months now. We are all so excited to open up this next chapter of a journey as a family!
We are so proud of you Isabelle! You are wonderfully intelligent, kind, loving and a joy to be around. We are so pleased that you get to spread your wonderful you to the children at your new school! We hope that you learn to think of others, share, work as a team and have a blast!
Daddy, Mommy, Nana Jane, Adelaide and Eloise joined Isabelle on her walk to school today. Isabelle is one special girl! Isabelle met her new teachers, found her name on a name tag, hung up her backpack and was ready for class!!! Mommy, Nana, Adelaide and Eloise went upstairs for refreshments and visited with other parents for an hour. Everyone is having a short week to get used to the new idea of preschool. Isabelle did great! Miss Mary commented that Isabelle was a BIG fan of dress up! Of course and Isabelle made cookie Owls with all the other children. Congratulations Isabelle! You are awesome and we are so excited to see what other activities, projects and things you learn this year!
Welcome to Preschool!!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy!

Isabelle's Favorites
Food: Cheeseburgers
Movie: Mama Mia
Song: "Never Ever Get Back Together" by Taylor Swift
Thing to do: Projects
Toy: Julie (her doll)
Color: Magenta
What will you be when you grow up? A Mommy (followed closely by a Teacher)

School Printables

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

In honor of labor day, I worked. I love my little bunches of love! I have the best job in the world. However, a day off of work would have been much appreciated! Maybe next year.
Love, Mama

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fernandina Beach

Our busy summer of travels continued back to north of Jacksonville! We visited Isabelle's Godparents and our dear friends the Venerdi's. We love catching up with our lovely friends and getting to share the experiences we all are having with our children. Their oldest is heading off to college this year and their youngest is going to be a junior. Emma, their youngest, had a blast playing with the girls and vise versa.
Adelaide most definitely did not enjoy the fact that the water came up to you and the sand was something to get used to, but by day 3 she loved the waiting pools and playing. Isabelle had her first tantrum in not wanting to leave someplace, so I think we had a wonderfully successful trip. We cannot wait to go back!
We love getting to spend a little time at the beach and catching up with our old dear friends. Thank you so much Bo, Lori, Ben and Emma. Many blessings to you all! And sorry for waking you at the crack of dawn everyday.
Love, AKI&A

Friday, August 23, 2013


We took our annual trip down to Hereford this July, but this time.....
WE DROVE! 11 Hours in the car with our girls both ways (Andrew only did a one way trip. I enjoy spending more time with Nana and Papa). The girls were rock stars!!! I am so glad we decided to make the road trip. I'm not nearly as scared to do it again.
We had a wonderful time seeing Nana, Papa, Uncle Jason, Uncle Daniel & the Future Aunt Julie, Cori and Ryan. We also spent time with cousins, played at the pool with everyone and had an all around wonderful time! We love our family and the girls had a blast getting extra attention from everyone and playing with their cousins! Cannot wait to this one again soon!
Love, AKI&A

Cousins Jazlynn, Braeson, Adelaide, Isabelle, Britlynn and Traelon

The Awesome Uncle Jason

Addy & Papa Eric

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Baby Eloise has started staying with us on a daily basis and we are having a blast! It is so much fun getting to spend time with my beautiful niece. She is a wonderful baby and very easy to get along with. She loves her cousins and all their craziness, but not necessarily all of their loud noises. She is taking it like a champ, but I'm sure she is tickled to have her mommy pick her up everyday to take her home and give her oodles of attention.
We love you baby Eloise and we are so glad we get to play with you everyday! We cannot wait to see the little girl you turn into!!!
Love, Auntie Kat

Our First Day watching Baby Eloise with new matching Dresses!!!

Fun Photos Complements of Aunt Cara and Uncle Nick (mid-July 2013)