Monday, January 26, 2009

Margarita Saturday

Our small family finds that 2 very important aspects of life can be attributed to #1 an amazing SALSA and #2 good margaritas, so on Saturday we decided to check out some of the locate Mexican Food establishments....we only made it to two. 1. Salty Iguanas...where we experienced very tomato-like salsa and cold tortilla chips, yet very strong but boring margaritas. Tipsy yes, Food satisfied no. 2. Jalapenos in Brookside....we enjoyed the salsa a bit more and had their pre-made margarita mix. Both were just fine, nothing to really go back to...Our leaders are still as follows:
Chip&Salsa winners:
#2 Margaritas of Kansas City (the best take home taste from the grocery)

Margarita winners:
#1 our own Beer Margaritas (compliments of our friends the Venerdis in Amelia Island)
#2 Z-Tejas (these last two are really just Kat's favorites....)
#3 Kona Happy Hour Ladies Margaritas

Okay, so please let us know what other restaurants we should try as well as what other foods you would like our opinions on... :o) Love you all! A&K (O&C cannot drink nor eat chips&salsa)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Off Season....

Eric, Cameron, Kat & Andrew out for a drink!

Andrew and I are enjoying all of our time off by spending time with our friends and family! We love getting to see so much of my family, but we were so pleased to have the time to make the trip to see Andrew's family right after christmas! We are busy at home trying to update and decorate our new little home. Andrew is spending lots of time building furniture while I am working & figuring out how to sew with my new sewing machine. We are feeling very domesticated!
We are also getting very excited about our upcoming vacations to Phoenix, Hawaii and Snowmass!! Getting to see college friends, the ocean, the probowl and celebrating our February Christmas with Andrew's family!!! We'll have lots of photos to share soon!!!
Love, A,K,O&C

Happy Hour with Paige & Cameron!

Cameron & I venture to meet up with Lauren...

Fun Times with the girls!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hereford Visit

Trans Siberian Orchestra!!!
Kathryn, Andrew, Marcus, Martin, Marty, Daniel, Jessica, Jason, Janette & Eric

Following Andrew's First Active Football Season, we took a road trip down to Hereford to visit with his family for the week and to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra with the rest of his family! It was a blast and we had a really nice relaxing New Years visit.
We played a number of games with Janette & Eric and had a bunch of well cooked homemade meals from Janette. It was so much fun to hang out and enjoy the beginning of the Off-Season!! Thank you so much for taking us to see the concert Janette & Eric!!! We are having our Christmas with Andrew's family in February and are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!!! Love you all!, A,K,O&C

Silly Dogs!!!

Oscar was having so much fun with Nana Jane's Christmas gift until....

wait...what happened? how?

Copper Ready for bed!

Really Copper? Is that comfortable?

A closer look at Copper's choice in beds.....