Friday, May 11, 2012

When you're 2 1/2 it's about time for your first.....

I have been holding off for sometime, worried that Isabelle's sweet little baby curls will be gone as soon as I cut her hair. Well, I got over it and Isabelle was ready! Why miss this window? I don't want her to think it's something to be scared of, so Nana Janette came into town & Isabelle turned 2 1/2, so we made an event of it! Isabelle was so excited to get her "haircuts"! We got out the door, arrived at the salon 20 minutes before it opened and I had forgotten the camera! Isabelle was so sad when I pulled out of my spot and dropped she & Nana off at the play park (while I ran home to get the camera, blah). On our second attempt, we walked right in and Isabelle headed for a chair. She was not interested in waiting, but she did. Isabelle walked around and checked out all the fun characters, colors, hairbows, and tvs. This girl was ready - I think it was because she had watched Daddy get his haircut about a month earlier. Isabelle had a wonderful "stylist" who trimmed the ends of her hair and professionally layered the different lenghts of baby hair she had. After being so good, Isabelle got a beautiful braid updo, glidder in her hair & was sprayed with cupcake perfume (yes, this is a real thing). It was darling! I have no idea how the "stylist" accomplished this braid as Isabelle moved her head around, but it was flawless. AMAZING! Isabelle's baby hair is stored in a tiny little ziplock for us to have! She did so wonderfully and was such a good girl! A special thank you to Nana Janette for playing with Adelaide, so I could enjoy this fun event and to the super awesome "stylist" for making me envious of her hair skills. Happy Half Birthday to my Toddler!!! Love you to pieces!

6 Months Old

Sweet Adelaide Janette is 6 Month Old (nealy 7 months now) and is doing wonderfully! She has always been a very pleasant baby, but continues to amaze people due to the fact that they have never heard her cry (she does). Addy is simply content most of the time and only recently has decided that making a fuss to be feed is necessary - she is loving solids & has become an incredible eater. Teeth pain & the need to be feed and go to bed are also on the top of her fussy list, but Adelaide continues to be by the book with her needs. She is so pleasant and loves to watch everything around her. Although Adelaide can roll over both ways, she is quite content in whatever position you put her on the ground although she prefers to be seated. She is making zero effort to crawl and I'm pretty sure she could care less. She is incredible strong, like Isabelle was, but is just CONTENT (yes, i continue to repeat this but this word is Adelaide in a nutshell). We went for Adelaide's 6 Month well check this week (about 3 weeks late) and her stats are no surprise: Weight: 20 pounds, 1 ounce (95 percentile) Height: 28 inches (95%) Um, healthy and large, but you cannot really expect much less from the offspring of tall people (giants). Adelaide is actually larger than Isabelle was at this age (Isabelle's weight: 19 pounds, 5 ounces & height: 27 1/2 inches), so we'll see if all these stats actually mean anything one day. Miss Adelaide still has gray eyes, fair skin & has started growing hair very similar to Isabelle's baby hair (light brown). She has some exema and I'm sure I'm going have to put double the amount of sunblock on Adelaide than Isabelle. Oh and although Adelaide is larger than Isabelle was, Adelaide does not have the Michelin arms & legs Isabelle had. We love our girls! It is so much fun to watch them grow and turn into the beautiful girls they are! Happy 6 Months Sweet Adelaide! Love, Mommy & Daddy

Beautiful Girls

Andrew & I are so blessed to have two darling, fun, spunky, energetic, outgoing, loving, sweet girlie babes! We love them to pieces and although they challenge us at times, we are only becoming better people from these trials. In April, I was finally able to catch the perfect photo of our darling girls, now I have a few! Enjoy! Happy May!!