Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Updates....

Wow, we've been super busy. I don't think I ever told anyone how our Christmas was this past was lovely little Christmas with just the 4 of us. Thanks for asking.
But I'm sure the real updates you want are on our beautiful little offspring, so here we go...
Isabelle interests include frogs, sesame street, dinosaurs and princesses. She loves the colors orange and purple. Just these past few weeks, she has learned to count from 1 to 10. She has recently learned about 10 letters or the words associated with those letters (D is for Daddy, M is for Mommy, I is for Isabelle, B is for Baby (Adelaide), O is for Oscar, C is for Copper, N is for Nana and G is for Grandma & Grandpa)..not sure.
Isabelle has started speaking in sentences for nearly everything she saying. She can say her full name and answers "I'm two" to most questions asked of her. We are so amazed at how quickly she is learning things and how much she enjoys it. She loves little projects, but only has about a 5 minutes attention span. She loves working with daddy in the garage & could never get enough time with him. She loves her daddy!
When she cannot spend time with Daddy, Isabelle enjoys riding her big wheels to and from the park and loves to spend time with "friends". She has started matching things and picking out clothes for people in the house. She is now napping well that we have turn the lock around on her door..... and consistently sleeps well at night until about 615 am. She is a fantastic eater and loves her carbohydrates & sugar. Isabelle is very fond of birthday parties and the cake associated with them. She loves going to the gym, the park & the play park at our mall.
Isabelle has taught us patience. We continue to learn a lot from our first child and we hope that she knows how much we love her no matter how much she makes us angry at times. She is so spunky and so much fun. We love her giggles, singing, dancing and snuggles. Her baby sister especially adores her.

Adelaide is growing up far too fast. She was 5 months old yesterday (AHHH!!). She is sitting up, rolling over and just a giggly wonderful girl. She's reaching for everything around her, but has yet to break anything. She is just the sweetest baby and receives numerous compliments about how adorable she is. She is a super healthy baby & tops all the charts in weight and height. Her cheeks are to die for, her eyes a deep gray and her hair is coming in a bit coarser than Isabelle's did (we think). She looks so much like her sister in photographs, but in person you can see that she is fairer than Isabelle and her face is a bit more round.
Just yesterday Isabelle woke up very crabby from her nap and came into Adelaide room where I was nursing her. When Adelaide was done Isabelle climbed up onto my lap and continue to cry. Adelaide just started to giggle and could not stop, so her sister started giggling too. It was the most precious thing holding my 2 girls giggling at one another for absolutely no reason. It was such a wonderful moment as a mommy. I can see them becoming the best of friends and I am so happy for them. Oh and it was especially nice at that very moment not to have a crappy toddler anymore. Thank you sweet Adelaide.

I'm so sorry I have no time to update you all on the amazing time we had in Snowmass or how much fun our visit with Nana Jane was (or Christmas for that matter), but I've been super crafty lately and something has to loose, so my house needs to be cleaned and I'm behind on blogging. Funny how two things were hit....however I have made 2 dresses for both girls, painted some garage sale furniture for our guest room, made new fun hairbows, popsicle puzzles and I'm working on a quiet books for Isabelle & her friend Layna. Geez, it seems like there should be more....Oh well, until I get out of my crafting mode, pictures of my sweet girls (oh that's what I've been editing):


March in Photos....

So, I think that's it....I have no idea how those DIY Blogging Moms do it! You go mommas!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Months Old

Our sweet baby Adelaide is 5 months old today! The most wonderful baby ever is growing up far too fast. Adelaide is our sweet little doll. She can be made happy with a quick feeding, snuggle or diaper change. This baby is by the book incredible. When there is something upsetting Adelaide it is very easy to figure it out.
Adelaide has become quite mobile lately. At just before 4 months old, she rolled from her back to her tummy and now sleeps on her belly (her own doing). She has since rolled from her tummy to her back a hand full of times, but it's a bit more tricky with that extra arm getting in the way. Adelaide has learned to sit up in the past two weeks and is proving to be just as strong as Isabelle was at her age. She does fantastic supermans and is very interested in figuring out how to get around (oh geez, note to self: mop the floors).
Since birth, Adelaide has been a fantastic sleeper; Giving her mother her first full night of sleep for Christmas - great timing. She still wakes up once a night after sleeping 7 hours, but naps like a champ 3 times a day wherever we happen to be. Adelaide is a fantastic second baby!
Oh baby girl, we love you to pieces and we already know your in love with the three of us. I cannot wait until you can run around and play with your big sister, you two are going to be the best of friends. No rush though, we are enjoying every moment of you and your wonderful baby self. I just cannot wait to see what a sweet little girl you turn into.

At 4 (and a half) months old...
Height:26 3/4 Inches (98 percentile)
Weight: 16 pounds, 15 ounces (90 percentile)

More 5 Month Pictures to come....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Sunday is our favorite day of the week and we love all the laziness that goes along with it.....
Our beautiful baby dolls love it as well!
We cannot get enough of Isabelle's charisma, enthusaism and zest for life. Nor can we ever have enough of Adelaide's beautiful charming sweet smiles. You are both so beautiful and wonderful. We cannot wait for all the new fun adventures!
Love, Mommy & Daddy