Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lego Land

When I woke up to my screaming baby at 6:20am this morning, I scurried downstairs (after I waited 30 seconds to make sure no one else was going to get her) in an attempt to not wake up Isabelle. It was a success, until Isabelle came up from the basement were she was spending time working out with Grandma & Grandpa...oh, I see, you're already awake. Lovely. Beginning of what could be a very long day.
So in an effort to keep crabby kiddos happy, I reached out to 3 different moms, but everyone had something else going on. So in the middle of second breakfast at 9:15am, I decided today was the day. LEGO LAND. Perfect timing only 4 days before Isabelle's 3rd birthday. This was going to save me $16 to check it out and see if it was a worthy activity. Well, was I ever impressed? We probably could have spent the whole day there, but we would have had a few breakdowns. It was fantastic!
So much to do: two rides (but we only rode one due to size issues), we watched a 3D movie, played in numerous Lego play pits, built with giant Legos & miniature Legos, played in a jungle gym, and so much more. Lego Land was tons of fun for both my girls and even for kids who are older. I highly recommend it to parents. Adelaide and Isabelle both loved it and I cannot wait to take them back. Maybe an annual pass....huh?!?!! I need to check out the Sea Life too. I’m hoping to see if the double pass is worth it!?!?!? Oh goodness. I love that Kansas City has so many fun activities that a mere 15 minutes or less from my home. Woo HOOO! Here are a few photos from our adventure! Love to all!
Love, KI&A

Saving the Lego Princess

Sweet Adelaide

Pushing Buttons

Pumpkin Inspired Legos

Racing Cars

Eating Lunch

{Now if only Adelaide didn't have to poop in the middle of her nap, we'd get two babies to sleep longer than 30 minutes. Let round 2 begin. Wish us luck! }

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Project House

When Andrew and I began talking about moving back to Kansas City over a year and a half ago, it was an understood that we were going to try and find a project house:
Something that we could purchase at a good value and make our own. Andrew & I always love a good challenge. Andrew especially loves home renovation projects. He may disagree, but subconsciously he is always thinking of new home projects.
Our soon to be new home was the first house we saw, but we crossed it off our list right away because of some exterior awfulness flaws. It wasn't until we had seen a handful of homes and talked with a friend that remodels in the area that we decided to give it a second chance. You'll understand when you see the photos below why we crossed it off initially.
It is a 1956 Cape Cod that is still in 1956. The fact that it is circa 1956 makes it perfect for us. No one has attempted to improve it thus it costs us less money. We're not paying for renovation that we don't approve of ascetically. The bones of this house are great. It has a poured concrete basement, 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms and a great layout. We are only going to be taking out one wall in the kitchen. We have a project plan that is pretty intense and will take most of Andrew's time away from work, but I would love love LOVE to be in our new home by Christmas. The longer this project carries on, the less likely that it is going to get done.
Wish us luck! Of course, decor and so forth will take a bit longer to acquire, but I'll be sure to take lots of photos in the process. Love you all & hope to have you over for a Christmas Holiday Party!!!

Love, A&K

Cement Brick, oh you can paint that....

....oh, "weeping morter" (this one was new to me too). This fabulous technique was extreemly pricy & sought after back in the day and now, well, it is "weeping morter". We're open to ideas on this one, but we'll probably just paint it to hide it a little bit more....

Need I say more.

Notice the hole in the side of the house...there are 3 more just like it.
Also, not sure you can tell, but there is wire bent out on the screen door to work as a bit of a creative handle (only one of the many fun perks of this beautiful home).

Welcome Home!

We're thinking that there may be something wrong with the fireplace. Just a guess.

The Dining Room

The Kitchen. The exaust is up for grabs, if there are any takers (kinda greasy).

The Guest Bath (that toilet is from 1956, gross).

Guest Room (come stay with us)

Craft/Office/Toy Storage Room

Let's Venture Upstairs...

Our GIGANTIC upstairs bath. Oh and these pedistool sinks seem to be back in style, but we're going to have to let it go. Just not our style...anyone want it (circa 1956, so?!?!?!). Going to the dumpster.

The Girls' Room

The Master Suite....

So that is about it. We'll keep you updated. Lots of work to do!

Posing Photos....

I've been thinking lately about how I'm going to pose my little girls to get the best Christmas card photo or 2012 photo. I'm stumped. I love seeing all of the darling poses other "blogger" moms come up with and their fantastic photographs, editing and sharing, but I'm just not that good patient.
I have one fabulously fun flirty almost 3 year old who loves to pose for camera with sweet sideways head smiles while she talks you though whatever she happens to be explaining at the moment, ie "sisser runnin way" or "put hands in pockets cause they're cold", “sqwirl”, etc. So I'm hopeful to catch a good smile with every 3 photos, but three fourths of those photos are with a gigantic head tilt, so out of a total of 50, I'll have 5 good Isabelle photos. Adelaide on the other hand, gives her "striking daggers" stare for half of them and is running away for the other half, so I'm lucky to get one decent one from her while looking like a complete fool jumping, giggling, squawking and smiling for the other 49. So this all being said, what are the odds that I'll get Adelaide's one decent photo to match up with one of Isabelle's 5 smilie photos? Answer without doing a some sort of a math project here, NOT so good. In any event, I decided to give it a try today while I was taking "before" photos of our new project home....coming soon....here is the result. Maybe doing separate photos is the way to go, but I would much much MUCH rather frame a darling photo of my darling girls together. I think I'll need backup and possibly some form of a food bribe for Addy.
Love to all! Happy Thursday!


PS - I am open to any and all suggestions, because although some of these are "fun" to look at, I'm going for photos that represent how truly darling my girls are....the bar is set pretty high in my opinion. Not trying to sound full of it, but they are mine so I'm a bit bias.