Monday, December 6, 2010

13 Months Old technically Isabelle has walked across the room...ONCE for her father (and I), however...she's really not into it. I mean, have you seen her crawl...speedy girl. So we're still waiting and trying, although her body continues to crumble if you put her on her feet (her way of getting out of trying). But Isabelle is capable in all other areas: talking, chatting, using words, hanging out with women and being a lovey girl.

Happy 13 Months Miss ISABELLE Jane!

This past moth has been very busy (as you can see with all the posts) and we have gotten to spend time with her Great Grandparents (GG Patty & GG Charlie) as well as her Uncle Nick, Nana Jane, Nana Janette & Papa Eric! So excited to see everyone else over the next few weeks! Until then....

GG Patty & GG Charlie

Playing with Uncle Nick

Nana Jane


Isabelle's Favoite Kind of Walking

Toy Car

Playing at the Playground

Isabelle's new Potty Toy Seat

Christmas Lights

I finally get it! Of course, like any child I have always loved Christmas. The celebration with the whole family, love, cookies, lots of drinking, lots of laughs and tons of gifts! BUT now I completely understand the celebration around DECORATING!!! SO FUN! I'm not sure if it is this way for everyone or if I've analyzed this incorrectly, but as a Stay at Home Full Time mommy there are no weekends, no days off and the only need for change is provoked by a tiny wonderful little girl. SO when there is a holiday dedicated to activities, events, crafts & fun, I am ALL IN!!! This Christmas is going to be so fun because of all the excitement of seeing family and sharing our baby girl, but the fun has already begun BECAUSE WE'RE DECORATING and I CARE!!!
So, here are the photos of Isabelle & I enjoying daddy putting up our Christmas lights. We don't have tree this year, although we do have a rosemary bush (thanks Mama), because we're leaving for the big day, BUT next year we shall! The decor inside is fairly limited, but we did get a real wreath, 2 poinsettias & some of our Santa's scattered throughout. Oh and our stockings of course...So no photos, but I'm working on it. Planning to hit up Target or Walmart after Christmas for some special deals for next year. Oh and I must get Elf on Shelf for next year...not sure Isabelle will get it, stocking holders, a train to go around the Christmas tree and so much more! So fun!!!
Love, Kat
PS - I do realize a number of you will forwn at the fact that she played near a ladder....but she's fine so get over it.

The Funniest Guy Around...

Daddy is Hilarious!!!

He is awesome!

He is cool!

But most importantly, HE IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Love You Daddy! Isabelle

Who is the scariest of them all...



No children we're harmed in these photos...Isabelle just seems to prefer her mother (and/or women & her father depending on her mood).
Love, Isabelle

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Andrew, Isabelle & I are so blessed to have such an amazing life, family and home. We enjoyed a full house of 10 on our Thanksgiving this year and it could not have been more wonderful (unless we had more people join us, of course). Nana Jane, Uncle Nick, GG Patty & GG Charlie all made the trip from Kansas City to enjoy the lovely Thanksgiving weather we have here in Arizona as well as a lovely Thanksgiving meal. My Grandparents old friends Deanie & Gordon joined us as well as Nick's old friend Joe Mulac and his girlfriend Christina. It was so fun having a full house and no empty seats (good thing we made the dining room table purchase).
I played Chief in the kitchen (yes, I mean Chief...I normally play Indian), but I had plenty of helpers (Indians). Mama Jane was in charge of salad, sweet potatoes & progressive clean up, Nick was in charge of the potatoes & helped with the stuffing and Andrew was in charge of the Turkey. Everything was awesome! We had Turkey, Ham, 2 kinds of stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roles, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, apple crisp, salad and real whipped cream! Fun Fun Fun! I had a ton of a helpers, but I really have to wasn't all that difficult. Lots of fun and fun to eat! My favorite ended up being the ham and dessert (but whose really surprised?).
Anyways, fun day, fun times and fun memories! WE are so thankful to have such amazing family & friends! We love you all!
Thank you everyone for joining us! It was a very special day to have you all here for our very first Thanksgiving Feast! Love you all and missed everyone else! Come next year!!!
Love, Kat, Andrew & Isabelle

Nana Jane, Uncle Nick, Mama, Daddy & Baby Bella

Hanging Out with Daddy

Fun with Nana Jane

Four Generations

Christmas Card Shot

Mama, GG Patty & Bella

Our Little Family

Playing in Her Cowboy Boots

Nana, Mama & Isabelle

Our Friends

Sweet Miss Isabelle Jane

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love to My Nana Janette & Papa Eric

We (especially Isabelle) had a fabulous week spending time with Nana Janette & Papa Eric! Mommy went shopping...and Isabelle rarely touched the ground. It was a blast! We had so much fun visiting, catching up and sharing our wonderful baby girl with her Nana & Papa! Love you so much! Come anytime!!!

We actually got to EAT OUT!!!!

WATCHED Isabelle Play at the Park!!

Love, Andrew, Kathryn & PRINCESS ISABELLE

Busy Bee...

Isabelle has been busy this past month with lots of fun things to do.

Here is what our Princess has been up to...

Got her first Bloody Lip falling off her Car...

Eating Well....

A Little Light Reading....

Eating Out at Gordon Biersh...


Playing at the Park....

Taking Risks.....

Feeding Ducks at the Park....

Playing on my New Car....

And Hanging with my best buddy, MOMMY!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday ISABELLE JANE!

Our beautiful, wonderful, determined, strong willed and lovable little baby girl has turned ONE!!! Isabelle Jane is everything and more. We feel so blessed to have her as a part of our lives. She is so smart and so much fun! We love you to pieces Miss Isabelle! Words could never describe what you mean to us and i am so looking forward to growing with you over the next years of your life! Thank you for being you! Love you Miss Bella Babe!!!

Thank you to all of our friends for joining us on your birthday and to our family and friends for all of the amazing gifts!!! I have decided it is so not our fault if our little girl is spoiled!

With Mommy

Niko building up the courage to give Isabelle her gift


Zayd and Madison

Mayham of fun

The Reading Nook

Blowing Out Her Candle


Wondering why we've been holding out on these cupcakes for so long...

Isabelle's new play matt

SOME of the Gifts!! Thank you to all!!!

Until Next Year!

We love you forever,
we like you for always,
as long as we're living,
you'll always be our baby!