Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy First Birthday Sunshine Sweet Adelaide

Happy First Birthday to our Sweet, Most Wonderful Baby, Adelaide Janette!!! Life has just flown by, so I'm going to try to update you quickly on the most wonderful baby I have ever meet, our Sweet Adelaide Janette!! Now, obviously, Princess Isabelle Jane was the most wonderful baby ever as well, but currently Isabelle is a toddler, so Sweet Adelaide Janette is the most wonderful baby ever NOW! Anyways, Adelaide has always been a wonderful little baby. She loves her mommy and at about 9 months, she began to recognize her daddy as her second favorite lovey. Adelaide loves her "sisser" so much. She loves to play with her, chase her around the house and fight with her. Isabelle & Adelaide always find one toy super fascinating at the exact same time. It's amazing, but they (Isabelle) generally do a good job of finding an equally awesome toy to share. Isabelle & Adelaide also love to fight over mommy's attention. Very funny in action.
Adelaide is not only a little lover, but a fantastic eater. She will eat anything and she would eat all the time if I allowed her. She looks quite sturdy, as Isabelle did, but Adelaide seems a bit more slender through the hips. I'll be interested to see how she stacks up against Isabelle's First Year stats in a few weeks.
Adelaide has a funny little stare. She does smile when she's happy, well feed and rested, but if she's in a fairly good mood she can give a stare that strikes daggers. She just stares at you. No emotion. No nothing. Sometimes she may give a bit of a stink eye, but more than anything there is no emotion. It is pretty funny, because it really just reminds me of Andrew. She must be quite a thinker and processor as he is.
Not only does Adelaide take after her father's facial characteristics, but she has an engineer mind like her father. Adelaide LOVES to do puzzles, legos, Tupper wear, etc. She loves to put things together and see how they work. It is quite interesting. I love it. She may be quite the little brain. We'll be interested to see how this develops.
On a movement level, Adelaide has been crawling for just about 2-3 months, but has recently taken a great interest in cruising and walking. She took her first three steps (before she feel) the other day when I set her down from holding her. Everyone - Isabelle, Adelaide & I - was quite excited and made a big deal of it. Adelaide just smiled her big happy smile and giggled. I'll keep you all updated on the development of her movement, but we're enjoying the learning processes. She’ll be cruising around before we know it. We should really just enjoy the crawling.
Adelaide has taken a little bit longer getting used to the new surroundings, sleeping in a pack and play every night and the cooler weather. She has had some kind of cold for the past month and really loves to sleep, but is not doing it very well. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she wants to be awake. Adelaide fights all attempts at you putting her back to sleep. In fact, she pushes all hands you have on her away (including those that are holding her up). She is quiet stubborn in this respect. We're trying to find a balance with this, but it's a learning processes. Just the other night, both Isabelle & Adelaide were having trouble going to sleep, after a few attempts at helping them, I gave up. About five minutes later, I heard Isabelle singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to her sister. It was darling and it made me so excited for them to have these moments together as they share a room over the next few years. I'm sure there will be more challenging moments than these sweet ones, but I'm very excited they'll get to be together every night.
These little girls love each other and they are having so much fun playing together everyday. Isabelle makes up fun games for them. For instance, yesterday Adelaide was a baby lion, then they played doctor and then they took turn in the dog crate. They do fight, but it is so fun to watch them play together. I love it. They are going to have so much fun!
We love our little bundles of joy and are so excited that our Sweet Adelaide is turning into a character of a toddler. We love you to death Sweet Baby Adelaide. Thank you for being you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you also to our Princess Isabelle for being such a wonderful big "sisser". We love you to pieces! Cannot wait for your 3rd Birthday!!! Ahh!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy

Sunshine Sweet Adelaide's First Birthday Party!

{Disclosure Statement: It has been quite sometime since I've updated you all on our beautiful little girls and their development. I feel bad, since I'm doing this little blog for them (about them) to look back on one day. I want them to know when they took their first steps and when they didn't sleep and what they specialized in, SO I'm going to try to get back on track. It has just been a crazy few months. Move. Pack. Sell House. Buy House. Live with Parents. Visit People. Exercise! Now - blog about children's development!}


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Adelaide!!! I can't believe you're already 1 year old!! We wish we could have been there to help you celebrate! Miss you to pieces!!!!

Brad and Bridget said...

Happy birthday!! I recognize that park :) So nice to have you guys nearby!