Friday, April 22, 2011

A Visit with Nana Jane

Last week, my mother came to visit for the first time in months! We were so excited to have her and spend some time enjoying the help and fun adventures. Nana Jane woke up with Isabelle every morning and gave me a few extra minutes to sleep in. Nana would do all of those little things that Isabelle has to have done for her and it is so nice to sit back and let someone else do it. Isabelle had a blast and glued herself to Nana right away. I only wish we had this opportunity with her Grandparents everyday/week/anytime!! I miss not sharing our wonderful bundle of joy with everyone. Isabelle is just so much fun and I wish she had the love of her grandparents more often. It makes me very sad knowing that she has to relearn how wonderful they are every time they visit. I cannot wait until she remembers or until they get closer.

Anyways, on a lighter note, we did our favorite things together: shop, walk, drink coffee & watch movies. It was so easy and so nice.

On Saturday morning, Andrew, Nana, Isabelle & I set out on our first adventure together to Sedona, Arizona about 2 1/2 hours away from the Southeast Valley were we live. It was amazing. Andrew & Isabelle had never been. We soaked up the views, the weather, wonderful dinners eating out and the heated swimming pool. We took a long hike (about twice as long as we had anticipated), but the views were incredible and everyone lived. We visited artists shops, listen to Native music and ate at the same Mexican Restaurant twice in two days (Javelina's Cantina - AMAZING - Thank you GG Patty for the help)! What a fabulous weekend and thanks to our portable DVD Player, Isabelle seemed almost completely content in the car rides.

Mom, Nana Jane, we had so much fun visiting and cannot wait to see you soon! Love you bunches!! Now we are very excited to have Nana Janette visit May 2nd!!! Yeah!!!

Here are a few photos from the weekend! Love, AK&I

Let the Hike Begin

On our 6-7 Mile Airport Hike


is so...



Nana Jane & Isabelle

Chapel Views

Javalina's Cantina!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Warm Enough...

Although we have not made it to the actual in ground pool...we are going this has been pool/sprinkler season in our backyard for about 3 weeks! Isabelle loves splashing about and getting surprised by how chilly the water is when it comes out of the sprinkler and hose...but she still sprays herself frequently! It is so much fun to watch her play and I'm so excited to get her to the pool this week! Cannot wait until splash park opens! It'll be a whole new ball game with the running....
Until then, Isabelle at her finest!

17 Months Old

Time is flying by and Miss Isabelle is only getting cuter!!!

Love you baby doll!

Love, Mommy & Daddy


....and her BELLY!

So excited!

Gotta Wear Shades (and she infact wears them everywhere)

Beer & BBQ Festival

Our Beautiful Baby Girl!

Funny Things Happen

As a parent, your child is the world to you. You love them no matter what, however with age it only gets better. Our children hold the key to many many great laughs.....I love our child. This month in the world of Isabelle can only be described in photographs, if you don't find them all as entertaining as I do, remember she does this ALL BY HERSELF!!!
Love, A&K
PS - Thank you for all the wonderful joys in years to come Miss Isabelle!!!!

I really really want to ride the tricycle....

My PONY!!! (checked off mommy and daddy's list)

We may appear to be "white trash" but we try not to be?!?!

Yum, I feed myself.

This is becoming a trend...poor Copper

At the Park with Niko

More photos taken by the amazing photographer Mel with her amazing models, best buddies Iz-a-boo and Niko!!!!! Enjoy, they sure did!