Saturday, August 28, 2010

9 Month Stats

Isabelle had her 9 Month Checkup Last Week. Here's how she ranks:

Height 29 1/4 Inches Tall (90th Percentile)
Weight 20 Lbs 15 Ounces (75th Percentile)
Head 18 Inches (No idea her Percentile)

She is health, happy and not allergic to any foods as of yet. She is showing ZERO signs of Autism and loves everyone.

Isabelle claps, high fives & waves (all when she feels like it). She crawls like a maniac, scales all of our furniture & is quite strong (still). She enjoys being pushed on her choo choo, playing inside the fridge or dishwasher, playing outside, climbing stairs and BEING HELD! She will also eat ANYTHING! She is a bundle of joy and we love her little giggles & big smiles! Love you baby girl!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Isabelle's Godparents

We were so pleased that Isabelle was able to spend the last two days visiting with her amazing Godparents.
Although, it was due to unfortunate circumstances, we were celebrating an amazing life. Your family will miss you dearly John, but your stories will live on through your amazing children, grandchildren & friends.
Love, The Carnahans

Bo & Lori Venerdi


Last Week, Isabelle & I set out for Idaho! We went to see family & get away from this awful heat! We needed it and Isabelle needed to see her Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin!!
We spent 3 days in Pocatello visiting and catching up with family then headed up to Driggs for some nature. We visited Jackson Hole & Yellowstone! Isabelle did a wonderful job entertaining everyone and smiling. We all love her to pieces and it is so much fun to share our wonderful little girl. We missed Andrew quite a bit, so we are enjoying time together this weekend. Glad to be done with our trips, but they were a lot of fun!
love you all, Kat & Isabelle

With Grandma & Grandpa

Right before the first time Isabelle has ever fallen asleep on a shoulder in church!
Grandpa is Amazing!

Yellowstone Scenery

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There is never a better time to get away from Phoenix than August, so this month Isabelle & I are taking a few trips to visit my grandmothers & her great grandmothers in Seattle & Idaho. From last Wednesday to Monday, we went to Seattle to see Mummums in Seattle and had a wonderful time. Nana Jane joined us as well as Peter, Lori & David. We had a lovely relaxing vacation, waking up bright and early everyday at 6am to take a stroll down to Starbucks in downtown Kirkland before our daily activity.
Everyday we had something fun planned and Isabelle was quite the trooper taking part in everything with little fussing. On Thursday, we had a lovely lunch at Mummums favorite french restaurant and visited Pike Place Market. Friday, we went down to the Pier for a wonderful lunch from my Uncle Peter, Aunt Lori & Cousin David at Restaurant 67 then on a walk to get ice cream. Saturday we took Isabelle's first Ferry Ride to Bambridge Island and had a lovely lunch at Cafe Nola. Nana Jane bought Isabelle a super cute outfit before heading home. Then finally, on Sunday, Nana Jane, Isabelle and I went to mass then went to the mall for some shopping & playing in the children's play area before a fun dinner at Peter, Lori & David's house. Wow! What a busy weekend, but Isabelle did fabulous and adapted well. She is such a wonderful little girl and honestly, very polite. Thank you to Mummums for having us and to Peter, Lori & David for making it lots of fun! We miss you millions MOM!!! Here are a bunch of fun pictures from the trip!
Love, Kat & Bella

One of our many walks to Starbucks with Nana Jane

Pike Place Market

First attempt at Lake Washington...unsuccessful

Lunch with Nana Jane

4 Generations of wonderful women

Nana Jane with Isabelle & David

Trying out Lake Washington again with Uncle Peter

Enjoying the view or the wind on the Ferry

Isabelle's favorite photographer we David as you can tell!

Everyone minus Peter

Our baby girl is so wonderful!!

Drinks with Kari!!!! SO FUN!!!

Ready for Sunday Morning Service

My baby girl


...and becoming a serious climber.

Heading Home...two fabulous flights with this little girl!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enough hair....

...for a ponytail!

You should thank your father for this hair. Love, Momma

Splash Park

....what is fun for a stay at home mom?

Getting out of the house. However, Getting out of the house for a free exciting, tiring activity for your children is even better!

So recently Isabelle has been taken on a few trips to the "splash park" at our outdoor mall in Gilbert. She has made friends, cried a little before enjoying herself and learned to crawl on a new surface. I am very hopeful that this exciting activity will become a weekly one, because as soon as fall begins they have a playground right next to "splash park" for the non summer months! How exciting and way to go Isabelle. Lets meet new people and build more immunities by playing in dirty places! Love you baby girl!

Love, Mom & Dad

Saturday, August 7, 2010

9 Months Old

Isabelle is growing up so quickly! It has been so much fun learning all about my little girl. She is social, giggly, sweet, loving, fun & completely attached to her mother. Although, I have been able to take a full 36 hours away from her, she has been with me pretty much for the last 18 months minus a few happy hours, dinners & dates.
We love our little girl and I know Andrew is head over heals for her. We have, however, switched parenting rolls, Andrew has become more of the tough love parent now that Isabelle is a bit older which is perfect. I have actually grown into the more sympathetic parent. Interesting how you always have to have one of each.
On another note, Isabelle is a crawling machine. She is quite fast. She pulls up on everything and has been scaling the sofa and tables for the past month. She has yet to try to stand on her own and refuses to walk with the help of our hands anymore, but I think that has to due with her independence and her crawling speed. Isabelle doesn't understand why she would walk when she can just crawl.
Isabelle also eats anything and everything she finds on the floor which is just gross with two dogs that bring in new treats on a daily basis. She is also loving food and has most recently tried eggs and homemade waffles. No allergies as of yet, but that is all I hear about with children anymore, so our fingers are crossed.
Have a few more things to get done while Isabelle sleeps, so that's all for now!
Much love, Andrew, Kat & Isabelle


Shoes, shoes, shoes...

Seriously a favorite past time of Isabelle's

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Playtime with Copper....

...Isabelle & her puppy Copper!

Check out this....


This has to be the coolest stinking ball every!

I just love it!

It is Yellow and Red and Purple! And it's awesome!!!

We're to people get these!