Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

from our sweet Fairy Princesses Ballerina's!!!

We had a wonderful Halloween Month and had the opportunity to wear our Costumes 4 times: Grandma & Grandpa's Halloween Party, Trick or Treating at the Retirement Center, Trick or Treating at Grandma Karen's Office and Halloween Night Trick or Treating! I think the Costumes were spent, but have been placed in the dressup box.
Our final two costumre wearing experiences included lots of candy and one excited toddler. Not only was Isabelle thrilled to add candy to her bag of goodies, but after watching for a while Adelaide got the hang of things. She wanted to help out and put shinny packages into the bag as well. When Adelaide wasn't putting candy into the bag, she enjoyed sorting through it. So many shinny wrappers. So much fun!
We spend October 30th, Trick or Treating at Grandma Karen's office. Isabelle walked from basket to basket. We had her practice saying trick or treat to the bowl of candy. We had so much fun and Isabelle would have walked circles around Grandma's Law Office if we had allowed her. She had so much fun! We finished off the experience with a frosted cookie and a juice box. Everyone was very happy!
Halloween Night was very eventful! We started out the night about an hour later than we had liked, but there was really no one out trick or treating anyways. We thought if we headed to our new neighborhood that there would be tons of kids out....they must all go somewhere else or maybe everyone is too cool to trick or treat anymore. Whatever the case may be, we were the only individuals trick or treating on our street. We didn't get much further than that, because at house number three Andrew proclaimed, "Isabelle, you have got to learn to pick out the best candy, not just the suckers", as he popped a Hersey's Cookies & Cream Bar into his mouth. One house later, Andrew let me know that he may have had an allergic reation to the candy. Four houses after that, we had to go to the drug store ASAP. Andrew couldn't stop itching and said his throut was swelling. Oh my. We don't really do sick at our house, so we had no idea that this was code for "Go to the E.R.". Instead, we headed over the Bruce Smith Drugs and I raced inside to purchase Benedryl. Upon returning to the car, Andrew's lip was 5 times the size it normally is (along with the rest of his face) and he was bright red. He took the Benedryl and his symptoms stopped progressing, so again because we don't do sick, we figured this was good. We stopped by our friend's Cami & Eric's house, but decided that was all we could do. Isabelle was very concerned about daddy and did not object at all to the lack of trick or treating. We went home where Andrew's symptoms continued to get better. He passed out, but I continued to check on his breathing. All is now well, but we'll be seeing an allergist soon.
Ultimately, let this be a scary tale to tell your children who try to eat their candy while trick or treating. You just never know. It only takes one piece and you'd much rather be in the saftey of your own home when you have an alleric reation. I can be such an evil mom.
Happy Halloween!
Love, AKI&A

A Fun Day at Grandma's Office

Adelaide Officially Walking....

Halloween Night

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