Monday, January 30, 2012

Adelaide's first cold....

Sweet Adelaide has had a stuffy nose this past week thanks to her sister. She's been sleeping with a humidifier and enjoying her boogery nose. It's not too bad, but she has started waking up every 3 hours at night. It's pretty sad to see her all sniffly, but they have to get their first cold someday. Love you sweet Adelaide, get better soon!
Love, mommy & daddy

Endless amounts of Energy

Over the past 6 months, Isabelle has developed endless amounts of toddler energy and I have challenged myself daily to get it out of her so she's sleep just a little bit more for her mother & continue napping. We head to the park by our house, the one down the street, we meet up with friends, we take walks, we ride her tricycle in the neighborhood and we visit the horses, cows and goats by our house. I am always looking for new fun things and it really helps us all stay active. Thank you spunky little toddler. We love you to pieces.
Love, Mom & Daddy

What we have been up to....
The park,

the park,

the park,

the park,

the park,

more park,

and a little bit more with Grandpa!


Playing in one of our many Christmas Boxes

Visiting the Horses

Playing in the Rain

Pig Roast at the Jeras Home

Natural History Museum with Niko & Mel

To the Park with my Isabelle & her girlfriends: Ally, Layna & Lizzy

Date Night for Niko's Parents

Finger painting with Aunt Annie

What a success!! Annie bought Isabelle finger painting for Christmas and I was more than thrilled to allow her to do this project with Isabelle upon her arrival. Isabelle loved it and had a lot of fun figuring out different ways to draw and get dirty. The two wearer quite successful and had a great time. Thank you dear Annie! Isabelle asks of you often and I'm sure she'll have a blast with you this June!!!
Love, AKI&A

Christmas Season 2011

This year was so much fun to prepare for Christmas, because I knew Isabelle would finally understand a few traditions and love the idea of presents. Boy, was I right.
Beginning December 1st, our Christmas elf "Tata" arrived to watch Isabelle and make sure she was a good little girl, because lets be honest, Adelaide is an angel. However, Tata was not a huge success. Isabelle loved him & enjoyed discovering where he had landed every morning, but she did not understand that one had to be good for Tata to report good news to Santa every night at the north pole. Maybe next year!?!? I'm hopeful.
Isabelle loved the hype leading up to Santa but was less than enthusiastic about sitting on the lap of a stranger with a giant white beard in a red suit - I agree, it would be odd. Again next year will be the year she'll understand he's the one who delivers the gifts.
Our family traditions began; we made our first batch of Christmas cookies with our best buddy Niko, had a pajama celebration on Christmas eve & sat by the fire for smores on Christmas Night. Cookie making was fantastic and spread over 3 days; day one, make dough; day two, cut out cookies with Niko & bake; day three: decorate cookies. It was a success and Isabelle is of course a huge fan of icing. Lots of memories. I cannot wait for Adelaide and her new best friend, Niko's sister, Lucija, to join in next year!
Lastly Christmas day arrived and Isabelle was more than thrilled to finally open the hundreds (I kid you not) of gifts wrapped under the tree. She approached it like a job and open all of them! We woke at 7am, opened gifts, stopped for church at 9am, napped after church, unwrapped gifts, stopped for lunch and finally finished after lunch. Isabelle was exhausted and watched the incredibles while Adelaide miraculously feel asleep on the living room floor. So many fun books, toys, clothes, luggage, projects and fun!!!! Love you all and thank you a million!!! We missed everyone so much, but we had plenty to do!
Love, AKI&A
PS - on a side note, not our finest hour, but Andrew & I told Isabelle on Christmas night that Tata had taken her "beita" (her binkie) in exchange for all her gifts. She was a bit upset, but she was becoming unattached anyways, so she understood. Success. We are binkie free!!!
Isabelle Prepared for Presents

Sweet Adelaide


Christmas Eve Pajamas

Christmas Day

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The future Mr. And Mrs. Nicholas Hennessy

Congratulations to my wonderful brother, Nicholas, on his engagement to the darling Cara Bigler!!!
We are so excited to watch you all spend the rest of your lives together!

Engaged December 23rd, 2011
Wedding June 30th, 2012

Love you forever!
Andrew, Kat, Isabelle and Adelaide

Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 Months Old

Sweet Adelaide Janette turned 3 months old today and has a number of full nights sleeps under her belt. In fact, Adelaide has the amazing ability to put herself to sleep, sleep through loud noises and so much more...She is a rock star baby and is so pleasant unless she is hungry, tired or sitting in poop and even then she seldom cries for too long. She is the most fantastic second child.
As much as Adelaide looked like Isabelle as a newborn, she is beginning to look just like herself now. She has beautiful big gray eyes, her hair is rapidly falling out and she is gaining weight like a champ. Adelaide has sweet giggle and is ticklish right under her neck, but above her chest. She has smiley eyes and an enormous toothless grin. She had her two month checkup two weeks ago and is currently beating Isabelle in size comparison.

January 5th Stats
Weight:13 pounds, 10 ounces 90%
Height: 25 1/4 inches 98%

However, one thing you must know with Adelaide, if she is happy in one place, for instance, her car seat, on the floor, held in a certain position, you must not move her or things WILL change. She WILL become crabby, tired or hungry in that one instance. But literally, Adelaide is the most wonderful, sweetest baby in the world. She loves to see everything that is going on and still prefers to be held over Mommy's shoulder and in the football hold with Daddy. We could not feel more blessed by such a beautiful baby girl!
We love you sweet Adelaide! Love, Mommy & Daddy