Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Early Spring?

Honestly, I don't remember what "Spring Time" is supposed to be like, but I definately thought there was more sunlight and warmer weather (ie 60s & 70s). Guess I was wrong or maybe Spring has not yet begun, but snow? Seriously? It's March 19th, right? That being said, we did just move away from Arizona where the current tempurature is closer to 90 degrees today, but 35 degrees in Kansas City seems a bit wrong for March 19th. Let's just say, I continue to adapt and understand "seasons" in my old-er age.

So, this morning we took advantage of "Spring Time" weather (sign) and played outside as my girlies love to do no matter the temperature. On a side note, at what age do children develop the feeling of being to cold or hot? I think Adelaide may have missed that stage. I have to watch that little one. So getting back to the subject, Adelaide followed Isabelle outside this morning to enjoy our fabulous "Spring" weather! Adelaide fed Copper sticks, Isabelle followed me around posing for the camera and everyone enjoyed the "balance beam".

"Balance Beam?" you ask. Yes....and today our sweet little Addy scared mommy! She is becoming one to watch as she did the first thing she's ever done that worried me. She attempted our concrete balance beam without any help and when I offered help she sneared. Yes, Adelaide snears and Yes, our backyard has concrete & a balance beam (wall), but it's awesome - the kids can ride bikes while you do the dishes & watch them(because doing the dishes is awesome). Anyways, Adelaide is trying to grow up and be just like her big sister. Adelaide loves to follow Isabelle around the park, the house, the store, becuase Isabelle is fun, entergetic and seems to have fantastic ideas - I'm only assuming I would feel this way if I was 17 months old. However, Adelaide does enjoy doing her own thing and playing we specific toys. She most definately has learned that a LOUD opinion is very important when you're not in the mood to share or be touched - less hugs Isabelle. Adelaide still greatly enjoys her building blocks, but has also moved onto enjoying babies & playing kitchen. She still is not into books and would rather roll around with the dogs at night then listen to mommy and daddy read bedtime stories. Adelaide is a big doggy fan! Adelaide continues to eat nearly everything, but has favorite foods that she is more inclined to - beef & bananas being the most popular. She continues to have a fantastic digestive abilities and we have recently introduced the POTTY!!! Alleluia! Adelaide is very bright and understands when I ask her if she wants to potty on the Potty, but she is very quick to say "noo". So Nutella has become the easy treat that is offered - it works. Adelaide has used the potty a handful of times and actually tries to potty while she is on it, however she is not interested in letting me know when it is time to go. It is more of a mommy alarm system at this young of an age. I cannot wait for the day she can actually say "potty" and then the day she can take herself! Awesome!!! I think I've got another year and a half to wait. Oh well. Something to look forward to in the mean time.

Speaking of potty trained - Isabelle is a master and even goes by herself at night if needed. She has had one night-time potty accident in 6 months. Amazing! Isabelle loves to have a daily activity and asks me every night "What we doin tomorrow?". I have to have something or the dissapointment that crosses her face is depressing. Isabelle's favorite response is Preschool Prep (at Gymboree). She loves her classes, the kids and the activities. They also have some awesome snacks in Isabelle's opinion - if you can believe it, Juice is not a staple at our home. Isabelle also greatly enjoys going to the coffee shop (which we have given up for Lent), going to the store, projects, and "God Class" - Caticism Class. She is quite busy for 3, but I'm not sure what else we would do. She get's bored at home and loves activities. I find that if I'm at home, I have a billion and one things I need to get done and I cannot focus on providing activities. When do these billion and one things go away? Besides her activities, Isabelle is busy explaining things to everyone and loves to express her opinion in all situations. She continues to direct me on how her sister is feeling and what exactly she is in need of. It can be quite humorous, but I don't have a great since of humor at 6:45am in the morning when Isabelle tells me "sisser is cryin". Oh, is that what that is.....thanks. Coffee please. No, but seriously, Isabelle is a joy most of the time. She is working on phasing our her nap, but it's kind of a sticky situation. Some days she puts herself to bed and somedays she watches a movie. I'd say that she takes a nap about half of the days of the week and gets a quick car snooze or movie hour the rest of the week. We're making it work, but she's pleasant and quiet enough when "nap time" arrives. As "sisser" gets treats for using the potty, I have made a deal with Isabelle to learn her letters. If she can show me a new letter she knows or draw one for me, she gets a treat. It's a win win, but a moderatly slow processes as Isabelle has a short attention span for learning with me. Isabelle knows all of her colors, shapes & can count to ten, as well as count out items. She will most likely be a math whiz like her parents. Miss Isabelle is doing wonderful and continues to put a smile on each of our faces. She loves books and being read to. We cannot wait for preschool to begin, because it will be so much fun to listen to what she has learned those 2 days a week.

We love our sweet girls!!!!!

SO speaking of the billion and one things, I got rid of one. I am offically no longer a member of facebook. I cannot do it. I LOVE getting to see photos of all the fun kiddos in my life though, so feel free to send them my way so I can tell you how darling they are! Please! Seriously, I love seeing photos of all your darling babies (and you)!!!!

Love to you all! Happy March and hopefully you all are enjoying "Spring Weather" a bit more than we are....

Love, AKI&A

PS - what happened to the "blogger" spell check. Spelling is just not my greatest ability. Sorry.

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