Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A choir of angels sang and my countertops were installed monday afternoon!!!!! ....and then they abruptly stopped when I was informed I could not have my dishwasher installed for 2 more days. Oh well, beautiful countertops!!!! So exciting!!!! Everything is starting to look so much more finished and not like a construction project. Andrew is hard at work to get the molding installed and IT LOOKS AMAZING! We have had our setbacks (especially with these countertops), but we are living! Love you all!

Happy Day at the Carnahan Home!
Love, AKI&A

Downstairs Bathroom


In place of my dishwasher...these cuties! Adelaide is going to be pretty sad when her fort is gone...

Upstairs Bathroom (i got tired, so I'll get some better ones up soon)

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Beautiful Outdoors!

Today God blessed this Kansas City winter with a day of sunshine and 65 degree weather. Isabelle, Adelaide and I had to take advantage, so we called upon our cousins: Holly with Mia & Vivian and Claire with Sawyer & Cleo! Fun Day on a walk to the post office and playing at the park! Love Days like today!
Love, AKI&A

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year with my Fun Girls

Obviously life has been a bit crazy around here for sometime. We moved in September, we lived at my father's house and now we're renovated our new home. I rarely have a moment to myself, but when I do, I honestly have no idea what to do with myself. So I generally watch a tv show on Hulu and wait for someone to wake up. Things are pilling up. I have not updated my girls journals in something like 6-7 months. So sad. Adelaide has accomplished so much! She has learned to walk, talk, eat everything within reach, she hates milk (loves almond milk), loves to play with her sister, solve puzzles, build, put things together, get held by mommy, etc. So much and I have forgotten when it all began. She is still absolutely wonderful, but she is quite a bit more interverted than Isabelle and continues to give everyone the "stink eye". Adelaide LOVES her mommy. As long as I'm in the room, I am who she wants. No one else without a fight. Walking is going great and i love the waddle faze. So cute! Adelaide can say "Mama", "Dah", "Ta-p-r"(copper - her very best friend), "hi", "nana", "pa-pa", "gn-pa"(grandpa), and "-MA"(grandma). She know her people. She loves her people, new people are scary.
Isabelle on the other hand still LOVES everyone female. She is having so much fun with Gymnastics and loves stradle, pike and flipping. She is always excited to get out of the house, but without fail still cannot finish her eggs in less than 30 minutes so we're generally 5 minutes late. oh well. Isabelle greatly enjoys narrating life and what is going on. She especailly loves to tell me what Adelaide wants and expects me to comply within seconds. Isabelle started Preschool Prep classes at Gymboree just this last week and LOVES that she gets to do art projects. She, of course, has zero problems with me not being there and LOVES getting to spend time with other kids. She paired up with a little girl just last week and the teacher was telling me how cute it was. Later I asked Isabelle about her new friend, Paris, and she said, "she's loud, I'm loud too" or something to that effect. Nice. And yes you are, way to find a common ability.
Life is beginning to get back into order, but we still have 4 rooms to paint and I really need to organize my desk space as well as my craft space. I need to get going on some baby projects for friends and family! Anyways, I am now going to try and get more updates going on a biweekly or monthly basis (have to start somewhere). Love to all!
Love, AKI&A

The Christmas Card Photos that never made it out....

Our little Family!

Happy New Year!

Windows, Tile, Doors, Primer & Cabinets

Hello folks. It's been a while. We have finally moved in, thus the lack of posts-we now have internet service, so I don't have to try to email you all via my cell phone anymore. We have been experiencing the acceptable form of "camping" in my opinion.
We are NOT living with my father & stepmother anymore. Thank you dad & karen, we LOVE visiting! We are very excited to have moved in!
On December 29th, when we moved in, we had one water source: our upstairs bathtub. Fun Stuff. However, as of Friday, January 11th, and a special thank you to my father in law, eric, we have a utility sink sitting in where are new undermount kitchen sink will be. We also have a stove, a fridge (with a water filter), working tub & shower downstairs & upstairs as well as a WASHER & DRYER! Let me tell you folks, I am no Laundry fanatic, but I am more than pleased to have a working Washer & Dryer. Woot Woot!!
Without further a due, I took these photos just before we moved the furniture in the house, but this is were we are at...cabinets installed, new doors, new windows, the whole house has been primed (including the ceilings) and tile work complete:


downstairs bathroom:


Guest Bedroom:

Heading Upstairs:


Master Bedroom:

The Master/Upstairs Bathroom:

Girls Room:

Time to Go:

I'm going to have to work on the creativity of my photo taking - especially in the bathrooms - but we're getting there. Sorry I was a month late. Next up: paint, coutnertops & molding....
I love you Andrew!