Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiny Tots Playtime... Chandler Mall

We went to the Mall last weekend and Isabelle got to experience the Tiny Tots Play Area for the first time.

Of course the socialite enjoyed it and constantly tried to crawl her way out of the "Tiny Tots Area". She didn't make any new friends, but I kind of agreed with one quite as fun as the friends she already has.

Anyways, Andrew got some new jeans and Isabelle got to spend some time sitting very far forward (leaning out) in her Stroller...quite the observer.

Happy Hump Day!
Andrew, Kat & Isabelle

Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas... the summer is really not that hot! Suck it up Hereford! :o)

In all seriousness, Andrew, Isabelle and I had a wonderful time enjoying family & catching up. I especially loved loaning out Isabelle for others to hold. And I think Isabelle enjoyed seeing new faces. We had a lot of fun and have a number of very fun memories. We are so pleased that you all got to meet our wonderful baby girl. We do adore her so much and hope she left a lasting impression on you all! She has quite the personality to share and many of BaBahBaBahMamaMahMa Options to share....I'm sure this will all only get better. Better start being careful what we say!
Love, A,K&I

The Country Club

Great Grandma Dot

Papa Eric

Second Cousins Braeson (Andrew's Godson), Jazzlyn & Cousin Jacy


Nana Janette & Papa Eric

Thank you!!!

Isabelle's Baptism

Isabelle's Baptism
July 18th, 2010
St. Anthony's Parish
Hereford, Texas

Isabelle's Service

A little excited...

Cuddly Baby

The Blessing

A Special Thank you to Father John & Uncle Jason!!!

In Attendance....

Nana Janette & Papa Eric


Great Grandpa & Grandma Schlabs

Great-Grandma Mimi

Great Grandma Dot

Aren't they the Cutest...

Congrats Miss Isabelle Jane
Thank you Bo & Lori Venerdi for taking our daughter into your hearts & prayers!

Our Anniversary....

...July 12th, 2010!

Happy Second Anniversary to the funniest, cutest, most wonderful husband in the world! Andrew and I had an amazing dinner at The Keg Steakhouse. I enjoyed an entire Lobster while Andrew had his Pepper Steak. We enjoyed one another and want to thank Brett for watching our little Miss Isabelle, so we could get away!
Love you Andrew! To another 50 years just the same!
Love, Kat

I am so spoiled...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my WONDERFUL Husband...

...two years strong!

I couldn't love this man anymore! What an amazing husband and father you have become! Love you forever and for always!

To 50 more years of fun, humor, love, joy and happiness!

Love, Kat


You wouldn't believe me if I told you. However a fluke it may happened and still does...

Isabelle whining...

...ummm she's saying "mamamama", if you didn't get that.

8 Months Old

Eating the Mail Keys...

Isabelle is officially 8 Months Old. She has developed quite a fun personality and a number of adorable tricks. She is climbing all over us, making funny faces and developing more of a speaking chatter. She has finally reached 20 pounds which was not necessarily a goal, but when she didn't gain weight for a month I was wondering if she'd ever make it. She is a ball of joy and recently spent a full weekend with just daddy. She did great taking bottles, hanging out at Lowes and spending time entertaining daddy. I was so happy to get away with my girlfriends, but more happy to come home to my two greatest loves!
Happy Day! Love, Momma

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nana Jane Visits....

....and Isabelle turns 8 Months Old!

We had a wonderful & quick weekend! Enjoyed shopping, eating out and sharing our baby girl with her Nana Jane!
Love, A,K&I

Being Goofy with Daddy....

Playing with Nana...

Isabelle & Mama after a big day of shopping!

Isabelle & her Nana Jane