Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rolling Over Coming Soon....

The Fowler/Carnahan Christmas

Christmas in February has been a bit of a tradition with Andrew's family due his Football Schedule, so we just had our fun loving Christmas together here in Sunny Gilbert, Arizona!!! Thank you all for coming, we had a blast!
Love, A,K&I

The Future Mrs.Kuhn's

Congratulations to Laura and Brian Kuhn (coming to us March 5th, 2010)!!! We are so excited for you two and could not be more happy! Love you both!!!
We had so much fun celebrating your future nuptials....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So as some of you know, Isabelle uses cloth diapers instead of disposable. It sounds a lot worst than it is...for instance, the cloth diapers we use are fancy: they snap in and out, have a protective shell, rarely leak due to their durability and are super easy to clean with a sink in our laundry room and our new fancy washing machine. Anyways, due to the prementioned fact that they rarely leak, I am spoiled when it comes to "diaper blowups", however on Sunday after Church and just prior to eating lunch, Isabelle had a huge blow up. The poopie made it's way up and out the top of her diaper and due to the fact that I'm spoiled with a child that doesn't "spill", I didn't notice. I went into a restaurant holding my dripping daughter, sat down, picked a chip out up, dipped it in salsa and went to eat it. At this point, I noticed a little something extra on my hand. Oh yes, it was poopie. In fact, Isabelle's blow up made a very little appearance on Isabelle, instead it ended up all over me. I had poopie dripping down both sides of my pants and on the front of my shirt. In fact, poopie made it down the backside of my pant leg. It was amazing. In fact, poopie is amazing....anyways, here are a few photos of Miss Isabelle on her way home after her blow up. Amazing how she can look cute no matter what....and I have poopie all over me. Lovely...

The Death Trap

A warning you will find in every book and on every crib is to never place your baby in a crib without first removing everything from it (including that fancy bumper we all purchased). Well, I guess you could call us risk takers, but Isabelle sure enjoys it....bad parents (don't worry I was there to whole time).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring is in the Air...

Unlike the rest of the country, Arizona's winter season has passed (we think), so come visit us here!!! We had a lovely afternoon enjoying each other, green grass and the sunshine.
Love, the Arizonans

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Happy Family!

Our Little Family! Love all of these! Hard to decided a favorite!
Love, the Carnahan Family

NO, we are not narcissists...We just cannot decided on a favorite!

The Hennessy/Garrett/Fulton/Carnahan Family Photo Session...

We had some photos taken while we were home for the holidays! This is my father, brother, stepmother, stepsisters and our little family! Enjoy!!!
Thank you to our photographer Vanessa!!! We had a wonderful time and love the pictures!

The Whole Family...

Bunny and Bella

The Ladies!

Uncle Nick and Isabelle

Grandma & Grandpa Hennessy

Sissy Love!

The two Tiny ones...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who do I look like?

Mommy or Daddy?

You Vote...

All Smiles!

Giggle Giggle! Love this girl!

Saturday Night OUT!!!

Yet again, we packed our things, (brought the daughter this time) and ventured to a friends house for an evening of entertainment! Thank you PAUL, our NEW FRIEND and BOYFRIEND of Miss Erin for having us! Isabelle did wonderfully, but could not sleep a wink while she was at the gathering. It was all too much for her to sleep though! We loved seeing everyone and loved getting out! Thank you all again and so fun meeting you Paul!!!
Love, the Carnahans

Laura's Bridal Shower!

So, we do have a life away from our daughter, but my started about two weeks ago when I went to my good girlfriend Laura Ullrich's Bridal Shower! It was perfect and so much fun! The shower was at Arcadia Farms in Scottsdale. Laura was showered with a multitude of gifts and everyone was able to join in the celebration including her mother and grandmother, the groom's mother, Laura's sister and maid of honor, Lynn and all of her good friends. The champagne was flowing and the conversation was great! We are all so excited for the wedding! Congratulations to Laura and Brian!
Love, the Carnahans!!!