Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!!!

It's finally here!!! It's beautiful outside and we are going to enjoy every moment we can until fall arrives! The girls love to be outdoors and enjoy playing with dog bowls, buckets and the hose the most. They just constantly empty out the water into different buckets. They are having quite a fun time and I am trying to make sure to keep enough sunscreen on them.

Isabelle had her end of the year Religious Education Concert this morning in church. I arrived just in time, because I took part in the Trolley Run. Andrew was wonderful enough to take the girls to church alone and I had a lovely time in the Trolley Run with my mom for the 4 or 5th year!! We have made this a special little something we do every year. Isabelle's Concert was darling and she even took a moment to run over and give me a big hug in between the first and second song. She is just not shy. "This little light of mine" was Isabelle's favorite song. Although, I believe her favorite part was completing all of the hand gestures to go with each song.

Love my little dollies and all of the joy that life brings them! Happy Sunday!
Love, AKI&A

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Celebration of Mama Cara & Baby Eloise

The Beautiful Baby Eloise joined us a bit early on February 20th, 2013! She came into the world a little less than 10 weeks early, but has proven to be nothing but capable of accepting every challenge set before her (she & her awesome Mama)! Eloise was born 16 inches long and 3 pounds, 7 ounces. She is perfect and was a rock star in the NICU where Cara spent every waking moment with her baby (and when she wasn't there, she made sure someone else was). Eloise has learned to nurse and has her nights and days mixed up, but mommy and daddy are loving that she is home!
In celebration of her homecoming and for the new Mama and Baby, we had Eloise's Baby Shower at the end of March. It was so much fun to have Cara's girlfriends from College join us as well as friends and family here in town! Everyone enjoyed seeing sweet Eloise and watching as Cara unwrapped so many wonderful and useful gifts! Thank you everyone for coming! We all had a blast and Congratulations Kasey (I think) for winning Baby Gift Bingo!!!!
Love, AKI&A

All the Happy Grandmas!!!!

Nana Jane

Gammy Kelly (right?)

Grandma Karen

The Decorations:

Needing to Get Outside

Things have become a bit tougher here in Kansas City, because we cannot get outside and enjoy Spring! I know it is supposed to be here, but the cool weather and rain set backs are killing us. The girls still go outside daily, but it's not enough Shine through Sun, Shine Through!
Motherhood is all about caring, loving, teaching and leading by example. I am outgoing, competitive, organized, and controlling mother who loves to hug, eat and blows up in anger in a bad moment. I imagine I'm not supposed to share that last portion of my mothering skills, but seriously, we all have our limits. As you walk through my life with a running monologue from a 3 year old and a possessive, needy 1 1/2 year old, your bound to have moments you are not proud of. I can only hope that the majority of these mishaps will be overshadowed by how much I love my little girls and how much I care for them. Being a mother and a father is one of the most challenging roles you will ever take on, because for the rest of your life (or at least until they are 18-25) you are responsible for all the of the decisions they make. Mortifying. How do I put forth my best self as much as possible? Praying? Yoga? Breathing? Sighing? Walking away? What will I choose to do today?
Honestly, I generally see my positive nurture coming through my children in their need to please and love everyone, but some days Isabelle is a bit to controlling with her sister and I can only think that it is my responsibility. Andrew and I love our little babes to pieces, but if you ever think of us in your prayers, say a little something for our patience. We can always use help.
So on a lighter not, last night Adelaide woke up 15-20 times for some unknown reason - I feed her, changed her diaper, consoled her and never lost my cool, but still.....Adelaide didn't sleep more than 30 minutes until 3am. I love this little bitty girlie who loves to eat, follow her sister, adores her doggies, enjoys playing alone and is becoming quite the daddy's girl. Adelaide is a special little girl who steals the heart of everyone who meets her. She wants to be her sister's little side kick, but loves time alone with her mommy. She loves to cuddle, but can never stop wiggling. It takes her a few experiences to get used to things, but she knows what to expect from then on. Adelaide loves to watch children her age and already tries to engage in playing with them. I'll be interested to see how this next year with Eloise at home with us and Isabelle away at preschool will go. Just the other day we had a little girl Adelaide's age over to play and Adelaide was petting and trying to tickle her. Very amusing, but I think it is pretty funny that all my girls try to do is be mommies to the next littlest person in the room. They always try and that is very comforting.
Isabelle is constantly trying to teach Adelaide what to do, but I have to reminder her that I am Adelaide's mommy and I need to be in charge of her actions. Isabelle enjoys hugging, pulling Adelaide around, telling her what to do and teaching Adelaide how to behave. Some days with a forceful voice and some days with a kind and nurturing voice, so I think she's definitely my child. She has her good and her bad days.
I love my sweet girls and I only hope that they are picking up on my greatest qualities! Enjoying what this month has given us so come on sunshine!!!!
Love, AKI&A

The Cool Kids Table
Oh, and possibly my favorite reason to be outside next to playtime is so we can eat meals outside!!! Lovely sunshine & no sweeping!

Crazy Girl

There is a free horse ride at our grocery store. We frequent it regularly....

Vacation: Playa del Carmen!!!! A few days to breath!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! We had a wonderful Easter Weekend! It was jam packed with activities, but I love that we have the opportunity to spend so much time with family and friends. This time last year was fabulous as well, but spending Easter as a family of four is not as fun as spending it with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and a new Niece!
I mean, it's awesome - Christ has Risen!!! How fabulous is it that Christ has died for our sins! Thank you Lord for sacrificing your Own Son for us! Not only is this my favorite holiday for this Gift from God, but Easter is possibly my favorite holiday for small children. We are not quite to comprehending what God has sacrificed for us, but hunting eggs is easy to master and lots of fun to do over and over. It is so much more fun than Halloween because of the reduced mileage and more exciting than Christmas because you have to FIND your eggs. I love it. The girls love it and the weather is generally lovely and it definitely was this year!
The Easter Bunny did not arrive until the "sun comes up", but the Easter Bunny was nearly caught! I had to send Isabelle back upstairs to set our her Easter Basket, but I think I just made it inside after hiding eggs before she came down the stairs! Phew! Does this kid like to sleep?
Anyways, we had a lovely Easter breakfast of eggs & pancakes before Adelaide woke up and while I was dressing her Isabelle noticed the eggs outside (45 minutes or so later). We all got dressed, had eggs and headed outside to begin. However, Adelaide did not wait for the "go", but began as soon as she walked outside. I think her minimal practice at Nana's house had taught her that she better get going....see photo below. The Hunt was fun and Isabelle was sweet enough to give every 4th egg she found to Adelaide. Honestly, I'm not sure Adelaide needed the help, but it was very kind of Isabelle. We finished just in time to rush off to church where we only arrived 5 minutes early - whoops. Good thing Nana snagged a front Pew for us all! Thanks Nanny Jane!
Service was lovely and I greatly enjoyed our Priest! He is such a lovely, honest, wonderful man! Thank you Father Keith!
After mass, we walked home and prepared a small Mexican fiesta for a little "open house". Everyone brought a little something and we all enjoyed lounging around, enjoying treats, the weather and our sweet babies (Yea, Eloise!!). What a lovely morning! Followed by a lovely afternoon nap!
We finished up our evening at my dad & step-mom's house. We ate lamb and all sat around fat, happy and exhausted! What a fun filled day. I'm still tired! Thank goodness my Lenten penance of giving up coffee shops is over - headed to Starbucks now! oh, how I have missed you!
Thank you to all of those who celebrated this special day with us! And thank you to our lovely family that could not join us! We love you all so much!
Love, AKI&A

Checking out Easter Bunny Treats!

Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin (some of us couldn't wait)!!!


Our Beautiful Girls on Easter Morning!

Nana Jane & our sweet girls!

The Garney Family in Kansas City for Easter!

Grandma & Grandpa with Baby Eloise!!!

The Hennessy Family in Kansas City for Easter!!

Great Aunt Annie

Great Aunt Lisa