Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Dickey Honea!!!

This past weekend, we had the privledge of being a part of my Aunt Lynda & (now)Uncle Dickey's Wedding!
It was a beautiful weekend full of amazing friends & family. It was a weekend packed full of fun and we were so excited for the main event. They make a wonderful, charming, sweet and kind couple. From the numerous toasts received at the rehearsal dinner, it seems that these two individuals bring out the best in one another & make eachother completely happy! We could not be more excited for them and "their" sweet boys' Conner & Preston! CONGRATULATIONS!

Love, AKI&A

BTW, I have some of the most beautiful Aunts in the world you'll notice from the pictures, but are you all really surprised - you've seen my mom. ;o)

Rehearsal Dinner...

Wedding Day....


PS - both little girls were miraculously amazing!!! Way to go Iabelle & Adelaide!!

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