Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Canyon

After living in Arizona off and on again for going on 8 YEARS, I have made it to the Grand Canyon....unfortunately, Andrew still has to make the trip. Nana Jane came in town last week as a plea from Mama Kat to stay with me while Andrew ventured to Vegas. Well Vegas fell though and Nana Jane still came, so we had a girls weekend up in Grand Canyon. We were sad we couldn't find space for Andrew to join us, but I think he had a nice quiet weekend. As for the ladies, well, Isabelle was trouper and made the 5 hour trip to the Grand Canyon and the same one home with only a few cries. She surprised us all and really took to the binkie!!! Yeah!!!
The Grand Canyon was breathtaking and a lot of fun. We stayed at the famous El Tovar Hotel were you can walk right out to the Canyon and went on hikes/walks daily. The convenience was fantastic for our little 4 1/2 month old and it made life much easier for Mama. We had a wonderful time together and are so excited to have a trip next year that Daddy can join us on!!! Thank you Nana Jane, Isabelle and I had a blast!!!
Love, Kat & Isabelle

Monday, March 22, 2010

CONGRATS Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kuhn

Wonderful Wedding! Beautiful Bride and Groom! And what a fun time we all had!!! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ullrich!!!
Love, Andrew, Kat, Sally, Vince, Erin & Paul

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Not a Band Wagon Baby

Isabelle would like to announce prior to the beginning of the Championship Basketball Tournament that she is a KANSAS JAYHAWK FAN!!! And although during the rest of the year she is a die hard SUNDEVIL, we have decided to grant this wish to her and allow her to cheer for whom she wants to for the upcoming Tournament! Good luck Isabelle and Go Jayhawks!!!
Love, the Carnahans

Saturday, March 6, 2010

4 Months Old

Isabelle is quite the character and we get lots of comments about how outgoing and alert she is for her age (this comment is second to her amazing cheeks). We feel like she's the perfect product of us, thus this outgoing part must be coming naturally. Isabelle is super strong and loves to stand, sit, do Superman's and wave her arms. She loves to be naked, play with her feet, splash in the bath, get kisses and giggle. We love our baby girl and feel blessed on a day to day basis. She has gotten better at sleeping and has now mastered the art of putting herself to was very hard for mommy and daddy a few times.
As for now, we're trying to stretch out her sleep at night so mommy can sleep longer, but hopefully in time she'll do it herself. We're holding off on solids for now and sticking to breastfeeding, but we'll see.... As for the next trick Isabelle is working on, it's either rolling over or scooting on her belly. This little one wants to move everywhere and mommy is getting a little scared of the crawling days coming up...
Love, A,K&I

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attempting to Sit Up...

Isabelle is growing up so fast and is one strong girl....this week she is working on sitting up. Enjoy!
Love, A,K&I