Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our first Christmas Tree

Yesterday we drove up to Germann and Higley to pick our first family tree together. All the trees were brought in from Oregon and direct from the tree farmer. If we couldn't cut down our own tree this is the second best way to receive them.
Adelaide slept through the whole event whild Isabelle ran around dumping out water containers, however mommy and daddy could not pick a bad tree. They were all awesome. We finally decided on an 8 footer even though there is no way we have enough ornaments to cover it. I just cannot have a tree that is shorter than me and the trendy decorative Charlie brown/Grinch trees were just not our style. So our tree...and as Isabelle would say "ta dah".....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Years Old!

Isabelle Jane turned two years old on Friday and now I see why everyone tells you to cherish all the moments. They do fly by. I cannot believe our little baby is already TWO!
Andrew and I still remember how she screamed for five hours in the middle of the night when we brought her home from the hospital and how we had to pace around the house trying to put her to sleep at night. Now our big girl goes to sleep promptly after her dinner, bath, book and prayer (most of the time) at 7:30pm and wakes up energized and ready for the day at 6am (thanks to the arrival of Adelaide).
We can remember the first time she started coo-ing and talking to us. When Isabelle began whining "MAMAMAMMAAMA" at 9 months old, I was floored. I did have to consistently point out I was "MAMAMAMA" and that this was not a way to whine, but now our little girl can name all of her grandparents by picture, friends and of course her mommy & daddy. It is just amazing how much has changed.
We can remember how hard we tried to get Isabelle to crawl at 6 months and how relieved we were when she walked at 14 we chase that Isabelle Jane everywhere! Running, running, running.
Not only has Isabelle changed from a baby into a budding toddler, but an enormous PERSONALITY has emerged. Isabelle is loving, funny, cute, dramatic, spunky and fun! She hugs all of the moms in the playgroup, she says 'goodbye' and 'hello' to strangers. She grins from ear to ear when her daddy walks in the door and she makes a run for a big hug and kiss. Isabelle can now respond to almost all the questions we ask her and is learning to make her own opinions (great). She loves making new friends at the park and saying 'morning' while we take walks around the neighborhood.
She is everything we hoped for and more but in a cuter package. We love our little Isabelle Jane to death and we cannot wait to see what she is like when she turns 3 years old! AH!

Isabelle Jane's 2 Year Stats:
33 pounds, 2 ounces (clothes on) - over 100%
35.5 inches - 95%

Happy Birthday Sweet Isabelle Jane!
We love you to the moon and back!

Hope you enjoyed your party and all your amazing friends & their moms! I did!
Love, Daddy, Mommy & Adelaide

PS - I turned 28 the next day! WOW and Andrew bought an awesome camera for me! Thank you baby! I too had a WONDERFUL Birthday! Thank you all for the well wishes!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fabulous Halloween! Who knew being a parent to a trick or treating toddler could be so fun?
Isabelle had a blast walking around and trick or treating. She wandering in front of us down the sidewalk saying 'trih or trea', then as soon as she walked up to a house she would say 'peas' and reach for some candy. I tried to explain to her to hold out her basket, but she was a bit greedy. From there, she would turn around to find other kids walking up to the door, she would stare in awe of all their costumes then continue on her way. She did not skip a house and everyone thought the was adorable.
We loved it, not to mention all the awesome candy she got that we will be consuming. Oh and another wonderful fact, if you take your child trick or treating, you don't hand out candy, so we have all that candy left over as well. Crazy awesome, because we got the good stuff. ;o)
Happy first Halloween Adelaide! You were the most beautiful butterfly!
Happy Halloween to our experienced trick or treater Isabelle!! Cannot wait to see how each year is more fun!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Grandparents, grandparents & more grandparents....

Over the past 3 weeks, Nana Jane, Grandma & Grandpa and Papa Eric & Nana Janette have come to visit all of us, meet baby Adelaide, but most importantly PLAY WITH ISABELLE!!! Isabelle had a ton of fun with all of her Grandparents and could not get enough.
She did have her moments were she wanted mommy to do things, but we coerced her with treats. Isabelle played at the park, went on walks, visited the Children's Museum and had a blast with her grandparents! Thank you! We love you all!!

Love, Andrew, Kathryn, Adelaide & ISABELLE!!!

Nana & Papa

Nana Janette & "the girls"

Grandma & Grandpa Coming Soon (send photos please)

Friday, November 4, 2011

What is really saved on my computer...

With the addition of another child, my life has gotten more hectic and exciting. Filled with less sleep, more demands & lots of love. However, the new challenge in my life will be finding photographs both my beautiful daughters look acceptable in. For the past two years, people have told me how adorable Isabelle is in photographs, but as a mother, it has taken work and about 20 shots to get that perfect one. Now with two children, how many shots will it take or will I ever get that photograph?!?!?!

Our first attempt...

....unsuccessful (yet this one is awesome)....