Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Babies

As promised we visited Santa today at the Bass Pro Shop. On our walk inside, Andrew looked to me and asked, "Does it make us 'white trash' to get our children dressed up to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop"? What, have you seen the Bass Pro shop recently, plus you get your own Santa Picture for FREE and get to make as many pictures with your own camera as you want. That folks is hard to find.
Anyways, we arrived at 11:15am and we're given an 1:30 time slot pass to see Santa. Ouch. Good thing the Bass Pro shop has so much to offer! It was so much fun for our little toddler, but it wore out these two parents (Adelaide is just too easy). The day entailed playing with a remote controlled tractor, shooting multiple toy guns, riding a carousel, checking out a fish tank and a wonderful trip to In and Out(yes!).
We had a great day and Isabelle was so excited to see Santa, but as soon as it was her turn, things changed. She was a little uncertain of sitting on his lap, but when we let her know that Santa had treats she regrettably obliged. Adelaide woke up just in time for photographs and Isabelle simply sat for her treat, so the photos are a bit bland. Maybe next year we'll get some screams out of Adelaide and some smiles out of Isabelle once she realizes how many treats Santa can bring!
Love, AKI&A

Andrew and his Princesses

Adelaide (and my...chest)

Isabelle riding the Carosel

Andrew attempting to aim for Isabelle....

So she can pull the trigger

The next time, Isabelle took charge

Wonder what she hit?

(I'm doing this for the treat)

Mommy and her girls (Isabelle - you should learn to look)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Holidays!

Updates....been behind, but I'm trying. Adelaide is not sleeping as well as I'd like, but not horribly. She must be growing, beacuse it has recently improved quite a bit. Isabelle has developed the ability to cry everytime Adelaide does and the girls can NEVER (seriously NEVER) nap at the same time.
I am exhausted, but having lots of fun watching two baby girls grow up together. Isabelle's character continues to develop and she is completely & totally ridiculous. She is hilarious. SO SO much drama, excitement, over the top loving, cuddly, outgoing and involved in everyone's business. She is very outgoing and always makes new friends at the park (this girl does not understand playing alone). She is an amazing toddler and i see the 'terrible 2' moments. Tantrum central is our house from time to time and Isabelle has learned to go to her room to cry. Adelaide is growing like a weed! At 8 weeks, she is already 12 pounds, 4 ounces (completely breastfeed)....Isabelle was 10 pounds, 15 ounces for reference. Scary. Adelaide continues to hold on to the a billion zits and her deep blue eyes (TBD). We are adjusting and Andrew is doing a wonderful job helping out with everything! We still cook meals at home and go to sleep at 9pm (ish). Adelaide has gotten used to our routine already...something I'm most pleased about. OH and she can put herself to sleep!! WOO HOOO!!!!
Our house is a wreck. but i'm nearly done christmas shopping. I also finished up the girls christmas hairbows, so we're off to the Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa tomorrow! We'll see how that goes, last year Isabelle thought she was dying when we put her on Santa's lap. We've been hyping up Santa this year and he is all over our house. We even have our own Elf on the Shelf, "Tata", so we're hoping the surprise of seeing Santa tomorrow will be a positive one. We'll post pictures either way. ;o)
Our Christmas cards are on the way! Merry Christmas! Love to All!
Love, A,K,I&A

Friday, December 9, 2011

Much to be thankful for.....

Thanksgiving week was one of the most amazing trips our family has ever gone on, in fact it is currently the only trip our family has gone on thus far. That being beside the point, it will forever be one of the most amazing Thanksgivings ever, because we spent it with my Mother's entire family (on her father's side). Nineteen of us in all! My Wonderfully Generous Grandfather, his amazing wife, Grandma Patty (GG Patty) and my grandfather's 6 daughter (yes, 6) and their respective families! We all made it, no one was missing!!
We all set off for St Johns in the US Virgin Islands from our respective homes throughout the country and we made it to & from safe and sound! It was an absolutely incredible week spent with our family in 2 houses!
We spent time catching up, playing at the beach, soaking up the weather and talking about what an amazing husband, father, grandfather & great grandfather our Grandpa was!!!
In fact, this was my Grandfather's 80th birthday celebration and my grandfather TOOK US on the adventure of a lifetime. We were all so pleased we had the opportunity to go! Yes, even 5 week old Adelaide and her zombie mother had the most amazing time. Thank you a million Grandpa for the most amazing trip!!! We all loved spending time together! Doesn't happen often and we are so blessed you brought us all together to do just that!
Happy 80th Birthday to one Amazing Man!
Love, AKI&A


All the Boys!!

The Six Girls!!!

After our arrival, Nana & Isabelle enjoyed the beach right away!

Cinnamon Bay Beach

Playing in the Sand

Adelaide & Mommy

Beautiful Isabelle Jane

Isabelle & Daddy

Our Little Family & OUR VIEW!

My brother Nick and his wonderful girlfriend, Cara


Sweet Adelaide Janette

Miss Isabelle Jane

Thanksgiving Day - WE WENT SAILING & ate Turkey Sandwiches, um, AWESOME!

Charlie, Cooper & Isabelle sailing the ship

Nana Jane & Adelaide Janette

Our Family of Four!

Lisa, Mama Jane & I

GG Patty and Baby Adelaide

Beau & Isabelle hiding

Adelaide enjoying the weather

Our Princess

Trunk Bay Beach

Enjoying family time while GG Patty Babysits little Adelaide at the house

Charlie, Beau & Isabelle (cleaning sand off her french fries in the ocean...salty!)

Thank you Grandpa, Isabelle loved visiting with her "Pa - Pa"