Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Coffee with Nana Jane

My mom and I get along fantastically as adults! There are a few things that we have continued to love to do together no matter what. I hope I can only pass this wonderful things on to my beautiful little girls (i'm not sure Andrew feels the same way...keep reading).

Our favorite things include:
Long Speedy Walks
Coffee & Treats (at the end of those walks)

So begins, walks with Nana Jane nearly every Friday since we've moved to Kansas City! I am over the moon happy that my little girls have gotten to spend so much time with family since we've moved here. Isabelle continues to ask to go to Nana's house or Nick & Cara's house. She never wants to go home if Grandma & Grandpa aren't going to be there. I'm so excited she can now ask to see family, because so many people are within driving distance!

From our last walk....

My Cutiest

This is a fabulous representation of my life....

Love you Nana Jane

Such a little ham

Love, Isabelle & Adelaide

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ErinO said...

I was studying at Bella Napoli all day this past Friday...we were just a few feet away!! So glad you are back!