Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Carol

Yes, yes, yes, i took isabelle to the Christmas Carol against my better judgement, but it turned out just fine. Honestly, i do not remember it being nearly as scary as it was. Ultimatly, she greatly enjoyed it and sat still. She did allow me to cover her eyes during the Ghost of Christmas Future. My mom, Isabelle and I had a blast with our Berrigan Family! Thank you so much to Pat & Justine for a wonderful evening! Isabelle loved the show and all of the personal attention. No nightmares to date and it's been over a week. Phew! I think we may hold off for a few more years now. Until then.....

Dinner Date at Brio

Loving the Christmas Spirit

Thank you again!
Love, Nana Jane, Kathryn & Isabelle

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