Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Been Busy!

What are we doing? Well, currently we are moving into our new home in Gilbert, Arizona!!! We live in a beautiful little neighborhood called Seville and are so excited to join the Country Club in the spring! Swimming Pools!!! Our house is just as wonderful as we remember it from our quick 15 minute tour about a month ago. No big issues that we were not aware of yet and are neighbors are very friendly and quiet. We have had a few visitors, but would love for anyone and everyone to come visit our humble abode! Thank you Thad, Lauren, Sarah, Chip and Cathy!!!!

September has become one of our busiest months so far this year and it's filled with a lot of uncertainty. We would like to report that we are doing great and enjoying one another! So far we have not killed each other or gotten into any big squabbles regarding new home decor, budget, unpacking or cleaning. Phew! However, we are loving our time together after being a part for August.

House: I have a take a number of before pictures of our home, but none of them really do it justice. They kinda make it look small, but oh well. We are painting and getting rooms ready slowly but surely. All of our boxes are nearly unpacked except for the office/man cave/play room/large closet room. We started painting with our Laundry room and have recently finished the baby room! So fun! Next we'll be painting our room and the bathrooms! Woo HOo! We're stalling of course. Oh and for all those worried individuals, I do wear a very attractive mask while painting.

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room After (Note the adult purchase in this photo!)

Baby Room Before

Got Carried Away

Baby Room After (notice very light aqua lines)

Besides Loads of fun house work, we're getting out and seeing our friends, having adventures in home purchases, cheering for ASU & walking. Andrew has also been rehabing his knee and working out to keep busy! We'll keep you updated on his status, but we think we're moving the right direction. On another note, I have found a very bubbly new OBGYN who will most likely be delivering our baby here in November! As for baby, everything looks great.

Healthy and a little squirmer when he/she wants to be. No big issues for me. I do wake up quite a bit in the middle of the night and probably drink 8 tons of water, but I think I'll be okay. I still sleep well and always feel sorry for myself and lie down when I need to. Although I have gained PLENTLY of weight, my "belly is all baby", quoted from my doctor. I personally think I've decided to pad my behind instead. My body misdirected the padding. Oh well. Here are a few photos of me at 34 weeks!!! Time flys in the end...well so far.

Baby Bell in the Baby Room!!!

"Does this look like a little weight to you?"

Well that's an update from us! We love you all and hope all is well where ever you may be!!! Cannot wait to show off our little one!!!
Love, Andrew & Kathryn


Brad and Bridget said...

Cute house, Kat! I hope that you're settling into your new home. Oh, and your "The Santa Clause" quote cracked me up! You look beautiful!

C & R Tobler said...

call me back! we can hang out! very exciting that you guys bought a house in Gilbert! also, your belly looks so little for 34 weeks, and you look great. can't wait to see the little one in just around a month!

~brookeb~ said...

hey little sis :)
you are looking fabulous! motherhood is so awesome, you will wonder what you did without your bubba! house looks great, will definately come and visit one day when i bring my family to the usa. hope the next few weeks goes quickly for you
love brooke