Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arizona Baby Shower

First of All, SO MUCH FUN!!! It is really amazing how many wonderful friends I have and what they will do for me! A special thank you to Sally for having a beautiful Baby Shower for me and also to Laura & Erin for organizing, helping out and getting everything ready! You are all amazing and it means so much to me that you all wanted to have a shower for our baby!!!
Andrew and I are getting more excited everyday and cannot wait to meet our little surprise baby!!! All of the wonderful gifts were a great addition to our nursery and the needs of our baby. It is absolutely amazing what you need to have for a child to enter your life. We cannot wait to share our child with everyone! Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers & gifts! It is such an exciting time for us and we love sharing it with all of you!
Love, Andrew, Kat & Baby

Laura & Me

Jill, Erin & Me

Have to have the ASU Apparel!

Some Fitting Bibs....

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The Marquardt Family said...

Showers are so fun and so needed when you are expecting! You look great! Our little Gracie is 5 weeks and it is sooo fun! You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Congrats again! xoxoxo