Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scheduled for May 10, 2009!

My first friend to have a beautiful bubbly baby was always going to be Ellie Larson, but now it is official. Ellie Jane "Larson" Zavoral and her husband Tom Zavoral are having their first baby!!! We are all so excited for them and everything the future has in store for the three of them. The gender of the baby and the baby's size have all been guessed, so now we're just waiting for the bundle of love to come out.
On March 31st, I was able to attend a second baby shower in Ellie's honor hosted by her mother's friends. It was a lot of fun seeing all of my friends lovely mothers here in Kansas City while everyone else is away! Katie Sloman was a big surprise to see, coming all the way from San Diego to a blizzard zone here in Kansas. It was a fun shower were everyone shared "A piece of advice" for the future parents and we all chipped in for a Bug-A-Boo for Ellie and Tom. Ellie has let us all know that Bug-A-Boos are the way to go and the only stroller allowed on the Upper West Size in Manhattan! Love you Ellie & Tom! Congratulations! You two will make wonderful parents and I hope Andrew & I can take advice from you in the future! Love, A&K

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