Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in Kansas....

Life has been pretty low key for all of us for the past month, but I always love to give updates anyways!!! Maybe because I don't have much else going on these days....couldn't be!
Anyways, everyone is more than happy and more than excited about what is ahead for us (whatever it will be)! I have been working quite a bit at Coach and with my new little dog sitting business. Coach work is awesome and I have a great time making sales goals and hanging out with my girlfriends from work. They're so much fun. Dog sitting has been a blast, because the weather has been amazing and will hopefully only get better, besides the fact that it is supposed to snow on Saturday!??! Besides work, I've been working on some hope improvement projects and have created my first set of pillow cases and curtians. I'm pretty impressed with myself! I'm trying to work more on sewing projects, so please let me know if you have any fun simple ideas for practice. I'm always looking for ideas...
Andrew has been keeping busy working out, beginning volutary practices, playing chuck-it with Copper and wood workings....(golf season is just beginning however). He is really enjoying time at home, but is ready for things to get started with the Chiefs! Andrew's biggests news came last week when we purchased him a new car!!!! The biggest SUV you'll ever see, a Nissan Armada! Very exciting and will be great to have for road trips. He loves it and that's all that matters! He deserves it!
The puppies have been great and are loving lounging around the house and playing in the backyard. Copper with his athletic light weight frame has learning to jump our back fence, but has no problem coming back when he is called. I guess that is the plus side, I just feel sorry for the neighbors yard he is jumping into.
So all in all, life is good and we're ready for whatever is next!!! We love you all and hope all is well with our friends and family. You are always in our prayers! Love, A,K,O&C

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Clark and Rachel said...

Kat I had no idea you were so domesticated! Sewing curtains and pillowcases? Good for you! So happy you are loving work/life. Have fun with the new Armada- those things are huge! But I can't really picture Andrew in a little Prius or Yaris anyway :)