Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bridget's Bridal Shower!

Every time one of my friends has a baby shower or bridal shower or sends me a wedding invitation I have to step back and gasp. It just amazes me that they are all so grown up! Amazing!!! However, then I have to remind myself that I am married and I am a member of my ever growing family (our dogs are our children, but that's big enough for me). It is just crazy to see everyone so happy and so exciting to be a part of all of the celebrations.
So congratulations to my most recent friend, Bridget Maria Boggess! She was absolutely glowing at her Bridal Shower and I am so exciting for her upcoming nuptials!! Brad is one lucky guy and I am so excited for them! They have so much to look forward to! Believe us, marriage is may be hard later on, but we are enjoying every minute together right now!!!
Good luck to all my friends and I am looking forward to so many more Bridal Showers, Weddings and BABY Showers (still crazy)!!! Love you all, A&K

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