Monday, April 13, 2009

Doggie Easter Egg Hunt....

Need I say aunt Lisa let me know that her two puppies, Henry and George, had requested a Easter Egg Hunt and after speaking with my puppies, Oscar and Copper, those feelings were reciprocated. Thus, A DOGGIE EASTER EGG HUNT! It was a lot of fun. There were around 6 to 8 dogs hanging out and even more people. Copper and George figured out how to find eggs, break them open and eat the treats. George even figured you could eat the egg. Why not? The rest of the puppies had plenty of help from all of the people hanging out. Oscar followed new people ever few minutes, so they didn't know he had already received treats. Sneaky little guy.... Well, besides all the playing and treat eating, our dogs loved it and would love to be a part the hunt again next year!!! Thank you Lisa!!! LOVE YOU, O&C

Copper mastered the Egg Hunt

Copper playing with all the puppies

Oscar waiting for treats

Hanging out with Michael at the hunt

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