Thursday, June 13, 2013

They will grow up

Isabelle and Adelaide are our sweet little girls without a care in the world. They are our little shadows, monologues and miniature versions of Andrew and I. My life revolves around their activities, quirks, needs and wants. They make our world go round. If anything were to ever happen to them, I have no explanation as to how I would go on. We love our little doll babies to pieces!
Every time I see them with their "cousins", I can only picture myself posing in photos with my own cousins as a child. Then I remember I have grown up. I am no longer little. How could this ever happen to Isabelle and Adelaide? Will they still love me as I love my own parents? Will they make positive decisions? Will they learn from mistakes? Where will their life, love and education take them?
In time, we will find out, but for now we will love them all we can. We help them make positive choices and we will be the best parents that we can. So until our next "cousin" get together....

Tyler, Sawyer, Isabelle, Mia
Vivian and Stink Face Addy

Cara, Nick & Baby Eloise

The Babies: Eloise

And Sweet Cleo

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