Thursday, June 6, 2013

Projects for Beginning of June

More Projects!!!

Summer is upon us, so we love outdoor activities....

Thus a Carwash!!!
Isabelle loves to clean at this age, so please go ahead. Clean the outdoor toys. You cannot make them dirtier than they already are. ENJOY!
This was a total success! We began with the cars and she moved on to her toys. Then she cleaned all the rags?!?! IT was great for Adelaide's nap time. I do worry that Isabelle and Adelaide may have started a water and soap war and it could have been very bad (in the eye and such).

Nature Scavenger Hunt!
We did this a few weeks ago, but it was a hit with Isabelle. She even learned a number of new words and descriptions. I really thought it was fantastic.
Fantastic results! I need to find a new one or maybe even try it again. Great morning activity with a cup of coffee and a seat outside.

Foil Race Track!
Isabelle was very excited and very helpful with setting this one up on a windy day. Unfortunatley it didn't work out as well as planned for us. Maybe I needed help setting it up or needed to fold it inside then take it directly outside to start play. Instead I set it up outside and had too many bumps in our river to get things down it.
A fail for us, but it's worth a shot. Maybe it'll work for you if you have a good slope on your yard. I think floating balls were our most successful.
Watermelon....when projects and play time is winding down, a plate of watermelon is just what everyone needs. A fantastic snack and a fun time for sharing for the next 15 minutes. Love it!

Homemade Flubber:
Supply List:
3/4 cup cold water
1 cup Elmer’s glue *
food coloring
1/2 cup hot water
1 teaspoon borax (you can find this in a box in the laundry aisle)

Way fun stuff. I do have to say, I'm one of those bakers who never reads ahead in a recipe and I often put the wrong ingredients in the wrong size bowl then don't add them "slowly" together or correctly. Sometimes I just pour it all in together. For the most part, things work out for me and taste edible. The same is the case with this "flubber". I didn't put the borax & hot water into the larger bowl, rather the opposite. However, I found a way to kind of slowly add the two together and it was a success. Isabelle is now at play with the "flubber" on a table cloth in her playroom. It's pink. Awesome.
Huge Success. Both girls take about 15 minutes a day to play with this stuff. Some days are better than others. The worst days being when the pick it into itty bitty pieces, but oh well. Fantastic idea!

I have a few more up my sleeve, but I'm always looking for education, involved fun projects! I love that Isabelle is really getting excited about activities and learning. We recently checked out a Leapfrog Phonics Video from the Library and Isabelle has watched it at least 10 times. She knows almost all of her letters and their sounds. She is learning so quickly! Very fun!
Adelaide is too greatly enjoying all of the activities and trying to do everything her sister does. She just follows that girl everywhere. I love that they have each other. They are just becoming the best of friends and love to play kitchen, baby doll and "boom bah" together!
Yeah for projects! Hopefully I can find a few they enjoy doing together!!!
Love, Mommy
PS - also recently purchased a huge score at a garage sale that they are both loving. Isabelle can nearly sit for an hour playing make believe we her new Create-a-Scene Magnet Playsets. I highly recommend them!
Shaving Cream Playtime

Supply List:
2 Dollar Store Shaving Cream
1 Vinyl Table Cloth

Catepillar Counting:

Supply List:
Pom Poms
Construction Paper

Painting with objects

Supply List:
Anything you can think of....

I've saved the following for going on a trip to Toys r Us:
Alphabet Matching Upper Case to Lower Case Letters
I was a bet apprehensive here if I should put the letters in alphabetical order or if this would be too frustrating for Isabelle. She has only learned about 2/3 of her letters and those just being upper case. I really need to find a few cook sheets to start east and grow or a way to write on something then put it on a cookie sheet for the magnetic portion of the activity. Wax paper held down at ever corner?

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