Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old Shawnee Days

My dad does a fantastic job supporting his Kiwanis Group for the Old Shawnee Days Fair. He has helped make funnel cakes for so many years that his booth advertises that they were the "Original Funnel Cake Makers". I know what you're thinking, my dad looks great for his age. Yes he does and I love you dad. Great job helping out your Kiwanis Club! We had a blast spending the afternoon with you, trying every carnival food, watching crazy dogs, trying carnival rides and getting to see Baby Eloise sleep through it all. Fun day! Hot day! My stomach still hurts....but it was a blast!
Love, AKI&A
We had the privlegde of finally making it to the event this year....

The Dog Frisbee Show

The Pony Rides that Adelaide nearly climbed over the fence to get on....
Leaving took a bit of persuasion

Helicopter Rides

The Swings with Daddy

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