Saturday, September 22, 2012

Moving Success

WE MADE IT!!! It has been nearly a month and I'm still waiting in anticipation to break down in tears from all the chaios, but WE HAVE MOVED TO KANSAS CITY! Honestly, it was an enormous success. Andrew & his brother, Jason, may disagree, but Nana Janette & I did pretty darn well.
Nana Janette & I were in charge of the children, the dogs and the China. We all made it successfully (we hope, I haven't checked on the China?!?!). Nana had to do a lot of "stretching" in order to keep sweet Adelaide happy, but as long as Nana was touching her, all was well. We made the 12 hour trip from PHX to Hereford in 14-15 hours and the 11 hour trip from Hereford to KC in 12-13 hours! GO US! I seriously could not have made it without her. Seriously, 4 people and 2 dogs had to eat & potty at every stop, so we kept stopping to a minimum. No one got rideculously upset and I honestly believe Isabelle enjoyed it, because she got to watch hours and hours of TV which is not the norm at our house. Andrew & Jason were in charge of packing up the house and moving the truck across the country. They did wonderfully besides being forced to drive 35 miles per hour through Payson and Northern Arizona. We moved everything into a massive storage unit and we are now living the dream with my father & step mother while searching for our next home!
We miss all of our Arizona friends terribly, but you are forever a wonderful memory to us all. We cannot wait to come visit you some winter! We love you all!!!
We'll keep you updated on what is going on with us, but eveything is still up in the air and my mind is rediculously unorganized (it's driving me insane). Call anytime!

Saying Goodbye to our best buddies

Niko, Lucija, Sam, Layna, Adelaide, Isabelle, Kate, Wes, Ally, Zac, Jacob and Zayd (not pictured, but still just as important: Lizzy, Conner, Madison & Lance)


Melissa said...

Miss you!!!

Brad and Bridget said...

Welcome back to KC!!!

Kiera and Joe said...

So happy you made it and didn't go 'too' crazy :) A drive that long with 2 kids and 2 dogs would make most people insane! Haha! We miss you guys! But I love hearing about all the time you are spending with family. That is the best!! For you and those sweet little girls :) xoxo