Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Has Brought Many Changes.....

Sad, Happy, Excited, Nervous, Unsure, Elated....we cannot describe what we are feeling, but we are ready for whatever is coming our way.

Andrew, Isabelle, Adelaide & I are MOVING to Kansas City! Although, this has been a part of our plan, we never thought it would happen so quickly! Andrew was offered a job as soon as we began looking and it starts right away. We're in a major hurry to get things ready to go & get our home sold, but we have to slow down, stop and say goodbye to so many amazing, wonderful people we've been friends with here in Arizona. We love you all! We promise to come back and visit, to send pictures and to always check in!

We are so sad to be taking the girls away from their bestest friends and from some of the most amazing other mommies I have become friends with - you all have taught me more than I can ever express. We will miss our Best Friends from college, but we have always and will always keep in touch. Lastly, Andrew will dearly miss his job and the people he has worked with here in Arizona. He is very excited for the new adventure and new challenges, but he will always think very fondly of his time with Edge.

We are so excited to be moving closer to family. We want the girls to have the support and love that we both grew up with. We are so excited about the great schools, SEASONS, and adventures that await us.

So, here's to August 2012! Our last month living in Arizona (seriously, August in Arizona, blah)!!!

Love, AKI&A

My Lovey Little Addy

Isabelle, Copper & Oscar

Playing Soccer with Daddy

Sweet Baby Girls!

So excited....

....and more excited!

Housewarmimg Parties for Friends...

Ama, Isabelle, Lizzie & Ally

Best Friends: Layna & Isabelle


Loving each other!


We're Moving!

PS - Buy our house!!!! It's awesome!!!


Rach and Clark said...

Wow, how exciting for you guys, congratulations! That will be so nice for the girls to grow up around some family, too. Good luck with the move, and I hope your house sells quickly. It IS awesome!!

Melissa said...

So so so sad to see you go. I will miss you SOOOO much and I'm not sure what Niko will do without his Isaboo. However, I know you're so excited to be back home near family so I'm thrilled for you to adventure back to Kansas City. Come visit or else!!! Love you!!!

CaraHennessy said...

Why am I crying again?! I am so thrilled to have you so close! I cannot wait for all the excitement that awaits! I love you, Carnahan Family, very much! P.S. Loving the new blog layout! XO