Thursday, June 21, 2012


Even out here in the desert, you can grow a garden. In fact, if you are my husband and have his interest & background in farming, you MUST garden. Andrew takes a lot of pride and effort to make our garden successful. As a result, Isabelle and I are happy to pick and eat fresh tomatoes on a daily basis. Tomatoes seem to always flourish. This year, our peppers are doing well too. Everything else has either been attacked by little gray bugs (Andrew finally killed with soap) or has not been able to withstand our ridiculously hot sun.
Yesterday, I took Isabelle & her girlfriend Layna out to get some tomatoes. They enjoyed picking all of them, no discrimination here: red, yellow and green tomatoes were all up for grabs....
Thank you Andrew (aka Daddy) for all of our hard work so we can enjoy yummy veggies!
Love, I&K

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