Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Baby Girl.....

Isabelle Jane is the light of our lives! She is our everything and with a the fast approaching date of our new baby, Andrew & I have begun to really appreciate how wonderful & amazing Isabelle has become. This is not to say that we haven't always felt this way, it has just become so apparent now that we know our attention will soon be divided between two little babies.

Honestly, I have begun to feel bad that I will soon be devoting a large amount of my attention to our new baby instead of being able to give it all to Isabelle. Isabelle means the world to us and I have no idea how I could ever feel this way about another baby, but I know as soon as I meet this next one, I will understand.

Isabelle is everything to us. She is spunky, energetic, dramatic, affectionate, smart, stubborn & LOVES TO SLEEP. I know everything my little girl wants: a "Mil" (Milk) as soon as she wakes up, second breakfast everyday, potty breaks at every store & during every meal, "Nigh Nigh" with a book, binkie, blanky & bunny, tons of hugs and kisses to everyone, no sharing, always wants a "treat" or "happy", always game for a movie. loves to "Pay" (Play) with her best buddies Niko & Layna, always changing, always learning, always challenging us....but most importantly Isabelle Jane is always good for a big hug or kiss or cuddle with mommy & daddy. I love this little girl. Isabelle is better than any child I could have imagined. She is the perfect representation of Andrew & I (with all of our stubborness).

We just love her to pieces and I hope with the lack of sleep that we will soon be coming our way and loss of time for specifically Isabelle....I just hope she knows that she means the world to us. She is the most perfect, most wonderful baby girl we could have ever asked for. Thank you God.

We love you Miss Isabelle Jane. Please always remember no matter what you do we will LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER. To the Moon & Back.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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