Monday, September 5, 2011

Flagstaff Surprise!!!

My own father's birthday was last weekend and as a fun surprise my stepmother, Karen, purchased tickets & planned a whole weekend for all of us to spend in Flagstaff together! It was awesome! Escaping the heat was reason enough, but we were able to eat some fantastic food, hike, catch up, and explore Flagstaff & Sedona together.
Isabelle was SO PLEASED to have all of the "Gr Pa" & "Gr Ma"'s attention. She was the bell of the ball and boy did she know it. She conducted everyone and got everything she asked for. She just LOVED it. Isabelle has a fantastic ability to remember all of her Grandparents from such an early age and she has most definitely learned how to use this to her advantage.
Andrew & I loved the down time and catching up. We really wish we could have family near by, but we feel so blessed that all of our parents make an enormous effort to stay a part of our lives and most especially Isabelle's life! We are so excited to be bringing another bundle into our loving family!
Thank you a million times Dad & Karen (aka Grampa & Grandma)!!!!
Love, AK&I

Photos from our Adventure Together....

Isabelle was so PLEASED to discover a "Par" (Park) in the backyard!

If Isabelle was bored she never failed to forget to ask to go "ou si" and play!

"Gr Pa" is the FUNNIEST!!!

Cococino National Forest

An amazing and educational hike...

People actually lived on these cliffs!

Isabelle was so pleased to be out of the car when we reached Sedona

Daddy & Isabelly

Hanging with her Grandparents


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