Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playa del Carmen

6 nights and 7 days of relaxing...boring to you (maybe), awesome to us!
We are back to our baby girl, our home, and our life.
Seriously an amazing trip. We would definately recommend it to anyone looking to get away for a long weekend, but we missed our baby girl quite a bit toward the end!

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband who will go on fun adventures like this one with me. We did not spare an expense on anything, we were on vacation and we did just what we WANTED to do.

We laid on the beach mostly,
We ordering buckets of beer and margaritas.
We ate amazing fresh fish and shrimp.
We had chips and salsa (our personal favorites) at least twice a day.
We wondered,
we shopped,
We said "No" to drugs about 57 times (and we were only asked 57 times).
We had amazing massages on the beach!
We people watched constantly and 'wow' is all i can say.
We slept a lot, but we could never stayed out late even with an afternoon nap...
We went to Cozumel to Scuba Dive....
And then we laid on the beach!

We feel even more in love with one another and after 8 years together, we feel so blessed that we have the ability and the time to take this trip alone together for our relationship!
Love you Andrew!

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ErinO said...


I need a beach vacation. Today. Glad for you guys!