Tuesday, February 15, 2011


....thank you Groupon for having a half off ticket special, because as much fun as Isabelle had running around screaming through the dimly lite museum....we saw very few fish. And much more of how to maneuver the museum most aggressively and who can scream louder, but seriously even if we had been advanced enough to view the fish and act interested, it was very disappointing. I guess that's what you get with an aquarium in Arizona though. I mean Mel & Niko had most previously been to the Baltimore aquarium and I think I had most recently viewed the Seattle Aquarium or maybe even the Baltimore (my memory is a bit fuzzy). Anyways, we went, $9 is the most I'd ever pay to see it and next time I will definitely need a more advanced child companion. However Mel, Niko, Isabelle & I had a very fun day at the aquarium, lunch out and at the park (thanks for meeting up with us Angie, Miles & Rocko)!!!
A few fun pictures from the day! Next time lets hit up the zoo!!! ;o)

Fishy 1,

Fishy 2,

Fishy 3,


Sweet Niko & Miss Belle

Mama & Isabelle

Mel & Niko

Mel & Niko in the Glass Floor Room...

Mama & Belle (Isabelle hated the Glass Floor - freaked her out!)


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Rach and Clark said...

she's cuter and cuter every time I see a new picture! Love the posts! Hope you all are well!