Saturday, January 1, 2011

Early Christmas Trip to Kansas City

This time of year it is so hard to be away from why not just go see them!?!?! So that we did.. Isabelle & I took our first leg of the trip to visit my family in Kansas City! Andrew couldn't take off too much work time, so he was only able to attend the second part of our trip to Hereford to visit his family.
Isabelle and I spent a week in Kansas City, half the time with my mother and half the time with my father & step mother. We were busy! My mom and I took Isabelle to Union Station to visit the train exhibit, went shopping, watch movies, played with Isabelle & enjoyed catching up. At my fathers, we made cookies, played games, went shopping of course and had lots of laughs. It is so much fun to spend time were I grew up and to get to show off how much fun our little girl is! We had a blast and I cannot wait to come back and visit!
From our trip (need more photos from dad - my camera ran our of battery...sad):

Umm....BRRRRRR (After we arrived in Kansas City)

Nana Jane, Momma Kat & Baby Belle at Union Station

Riding Trains

Sitting on the ground was far better than the seat...oh well, she didn't fall out?

Playing with Trains

Watching Trains

So Tired

Christmas Coffee: GG Patty, Belle, Momma & Mummums

Momma, Nana & Belle

Nana Jane, Isabelle, Momma & Mummums

Nana Jane, Isabelle, Momma & Mummums

Aunt Annie, Isablle, Momma, Grandma & Aunt Tini

Helping make Christmas Cookies (unwrapped Hersey Kisses)

I love my Aunt Annie!!!

My Beautiful Aunt Lynda

My wonderful Uncle Nick who I finally let hold me....soon I will adore you!

"Christmas" with Nana, Mummums & Nicky

This will probably be our last year traveling at this time of year, because Miss Isabelle will be turning 2 next November...which makes it that much more expensive. Sad, but we are so excited to start our own family traditions here in our HOME!! We now have our Elf of a Shelf (thank you Janette/Nana/Mom!), 2 nativity sets (one for Isabelle to play with) and lots of new ornaments to decorate our tree I just have to go buy the stocking holders & train!!!
Love you all and thank you for the AMAZING GIFTS!!!! We feel so spoiled! Love, AK&I

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