Monday, December 6, 2010

13 Months Old technically Isabelle has walked across the room...ONCE for her father (and I), however...she's really not into it. I mean, have you seen her crawl...speedy girl. So we're still waiting and trying, although her body continues to crumble if you put her on her feet (her way of getting out of trying). But Isabelle is capable in all other areas: talking, chatting, using words, hanging out with women and being a lovey girl.

Happy 13 Months Miss ISABELLE Jane!

This past moth has been very busy (as you can see with all the posts) and we have gotten to spend time with her Great Grandparents (GG Patty & GG Charlie) as well as her Uncle Nick, Nana Jane, Nana Janette & Papa Eric! So excited to see everyone else over the next few weeks! Until then....

GG Patty & GG Charlie

Playing with Uncle Nick

Nana Jane


Isabelle's Favoite Kind of Walking

Toy Car

Playing at the Playground

Isabelle's new Potty Toy Seat

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ErinO said...

Haha, I hadn't even read the post yet when I saw the pic of the little lady on the ladder with her daddy, and immediately, thought, LOVE that picture!! I was going to compliment you on it. Guess that makes us both bad parents...